Hi! I’m Trina…and welcome to my lil corner of the internet.


I’m a 30-something wife of 10 years to Jonathan and I adore being called mommy by our two adorable kiddos, Rayna and Xander.


I’m obsessed with nail polish and I love clothes but wear too much black. I like DIY-ing, online shopping, peacocks and chai tea lattes. But I happen to think Jesus trumps them all.
Hubby and I both work full time, are both in school part time {ministry for him, holistic nutrition for me} and between all that, we’re doing our best to bring our children up to Love God and Love People. We are very involved with our church, Church of the Highlands, where hubby is enrolled in school.
This blog is a mish mash of all the things that capture my interest. I hope you’ll come along.