Animal Instincts

This weekend was a total whirlwind. We were so busy with stuff it was Sunday evening before I knew it. I typically take my outfit photos on Saturday or Sunday at sunset. Rayna and I had a Girl Scout event from 2-4 pm Sunday after church then we went grocery shopping. By the time we were heading to the car, the sun was dipping behind the horizon and I realized I’d not taken outfit photos for this week. So I did what I had to do. We drove up behind Target, ran through the over grown weeds and prickly burs, and took photos with my phone (so please excuse the quality) with the little bit of daylight that was left. My poor child got prickly burs stuck in her tights lol.


As I mentioned, we had a Girl Scout event to go to after church. I didn’t really think through that what I was wearing to church, I’d also have to wear to the event. Needless to say, I was a tad over dressed. HAHA All the other moms were wearing jeans and tshirts.
Oh well.

vest: Shade Clothing (on clearance now, all sizes available!), dress: F21 (old, last seen here), necklace: an old deal of the day site, tights: Sock Dreams, boots: Steve Madden via, ring: Rue21

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