Misikko HANAair Premiere Hair Dryer Review

Several months ago when we were still in the middle of winter, I was struggling with dry static-y hair. I’d been trying all sorts of products to keep the moisture in, including argon hair oil. Because my hair is so fine, if I use too much or don’t distribute it well I’m left with a greasy head. I’ve been known to do both in the hast of my morning “hurry up we’re late” routine. Most days I would do it right but I would still end up with static some days.
So needless to say, I was thrilled when I was contacted by Misikko to review one of their ionic hair dryers, the HANAair Hair Premiere Dryer
I’ve used this hair dryer exclusively for the last 3 months and I honestly love it.

First, let’s talk about the PROS:
I love the rocker switches. I hate when I have to pause to switch between off/on, high/low, warm/hot. Buttons that slide up and down are hard to activate so I love these rocker switches. I don’t miss a beat when I need to change things up.

I like the COOL button. On my old hair dryer you had to hold the cool button down and wait a few seconds before the air was cool. This COOL button is a clicker button. You push it in and it stays engaged. It gets cool instantly and when I’m ready to switch back to heat, I just click the button again.
This hair dryer dries my hair faster than my old one. Rayna has said the same thing and uses it whenever she can. I’ve even caught her taking it into her room to use. Not so fast, girl, that’s momma’s dryer!
The cord on this puppy is extra long! Which is perfect for a salon, but is a bit overkill in my bathroom at home. Hubby has mentioned a few times he hates it, usually after tripping over it. I try to keep the majority of the cord tucked away in the cabinet below, but it rarely stays put. It’s a tiny annoyance, but nothing I can’t overlook.
The cost, because yes this dryer is a bit pricey. I probably would have never entertained the idea of spending so much on a hair dryer, but now that I’ve tried one I’m a believer that a more expensive hair dryer is worth it. I mean hair is serious business right?! Us women spend so much on maintenance (cut/color, etc) it only makes sense to use the best tools in between salon visits to keep our hair looking great.
So was it a winner? Did it get rid of my static? I was afraid to quit the hair oil right away, so I used it for the first few weeks along with the dryer. Then when I was brave enough, I went without it. Things went well so the next week I gave up my mousse. Amazingly, my hair did better with me putting nothing in it and then blow drying. I still use texturizing powder to hold my “volume” in place, but I’ve given up my mousse for good. I will use the hair oil, maybe once a month if it’s feeling dry, but for the most part I don’t.
So the long answer to the question “Did it get rid of my static”? ….. YES!
Overall I am very satisfied with this hair dryer and would recommend it if it’s something you can spend the money on.


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