Rock ‘n Roll

I’ve not been feeling sassy, trendy or stylish lately. Maybe it’s because I feel like my hair is so dark 100% natural. So I decided to ramp up the cool this weekend.

I chose my Rock ‘n Roll sweater I picked up at Kohl’s several months ago and paired them with, of course, ripped jeans and boots. (And yes these are the same jeans from last week. I love them so. They are super comfy.)
I topped it off with some shades, red lipstick and red hair chalk. It sort of looked more pink, and had I applied it to slightly damp hair it would have been darker, but I was pushed for time.
What do you think?
The best part? I wore this to sell cookies at a Girl Scout cookie booth and then to the grocery store. Life is too short to wear yoga pants in public (too often anyway 😉 there are exceptions!).


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