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End of the Year Teacher Appreciation Gifts 2013

May 20, 2013 by Trina 6 Comments

I always try to do something cute for the kids’ teachers’ gifts at Christmas and end of the year.  This year I had so much going on I almost opted for the easy way out with gift cards, but decided to give Pinterest a try.

I saw an idea to give soap with a hand cut out of paper taped to the gift.  On it was written, “Hands down, you are appreciated.” (Of course I can’t find the pin now…Sorry!)

Cute, but I needed to make it cuter.

Because I was planning to gift Bath and Body Works scented soaps, I wanted to add the word “scent”-sational.

This is what I came up with:



I purchased all beach scents to tie in with summer (and got a great deal on them!).  Next I picked coordinating paper, tissue, and ribbon to go with the “theme” of the soap.  The purple/blue combo went with the Ocean Pearl scent.  I used some clear bags I had left from another project and tied everything up.

The teachers have loved them.  It’s a cute gift with a crafty touch, but not time consuming.  Exactly what I was looking for!

What did you gift your kids’ teachers this year?


  1. I love these!! How cute and creative, and you know everyone uses soap so they’ll actually get used! Nice job.

  2. Very cute! & something they’ll use too! Nice!

  3. Love these! I can’t wait till Piper’s in school and I can make teacher and classroom gifts like these:) I love being crafty!

  4. Cute idea! We did the chevron pocket t’s

  5. This is so cute!

  6. what a fun and cute idea! as i was reading this post, it hit me, i get to start doing this for baby john’s teachers soon too, yay!!! i can’t wait!