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(Casual) Stripes+Leopard

April 3, 2013 by Trina 10 Comments

Here’s yet another stripes and leopard combo! And you saw it in a dressier version last August (my phone won’t allow me to insert the link, ugh). In this look, I opted to pair the striped top and belt with skinnies and flats and a more casual necklace.

I wore this Easter Sunday to a casual family gathering. We went to Easter services at our church on Saturday night and I’ll share that outfit later as it was raining Saturday and I couldn’t get outfit photos then.



top: Green Envelope via Marshall’s; skinnies: Delia’s; belt: Marshall’s; flats: Jessica Simpson; necklace: Premier Designs; watch: Michael Kors

I found out I have a hole in these flats after having owned them for years now.  I am so sad.  I can’t seem to find any other leopard flats that I like online in my budget.  Plus, I have to be careful about shoes because my feet are wide at the toe joints and some shoes can be plain uncomfortable because of it.  Trying flats on before buying is almost a must.  But if you have any leopard flat recommendations, let me know!

Also, can we talk about my wild hair?  I really don’t know what to do with it at this point.  I’m letting it grow out and it is so annoying at this stage.  The back has no shape anymore and the right side is constantly trying to flip out.  A flat iron makes it worse.  I just wish my hair would grow already.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at hair extensions on Amazon.com. Can we say desperate!?

Anyhoo, before I go here’s a photo of my kiddos and the bunch of us from Easter Sunday.  I think it’s like an unwritten rule you have to take a family photo on Easter.  My IG feed was blowing up with everyone’s family pics; I loved it!  I didn’t share one on IG, so these are exclusive! ;)



These are straight out of the camera, no edits.  Do you like my step-dad’s head photobombing the pic in the glass door? ;)

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  1. Everyone has leopard flats but me! haha Still on the hunt. Your family is looking fabulous!

  2. I always have to watch out for that – reflections are the WORST!

    I’ve been trying to find cute leopard flats forever myself. The hunt is officially on now :)

  3. Girl! Prenatal vitamins and plenty of protein are the key to growing out hair. :) Works like a charm. :)

  4. I think your hair looks fine! And I feel your pain on the flats – my favorite pair of fleece-lined ones are getting scruffy, but I can’t find a similar pair that I like to replace them.

  5. Cute flats, sorry about the hole- I’ll be looking out for you some if I should come across any. Your hair looks good and I, too still haven’t gotten any highlights either and it’s about to drive me nuts. Too much rain and no sun has it darker than I like, but what can you do? I wish I knew of something to tell you about hair growing fast- mine grows so fast and so do my nails. I take all kinds of vitamins and try to eat well so other than that I really don’t know, but hopefully it will just get a growth spurt and grow like crazy like mine- I wish mine didn’t a lot of the times since I have to go get it trimmed often. The family pics are great, everyone looks so nice :)