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Valentine’s Day 2013

February 14, 2013 by Trina 1 Comment

I wanted to share the Valentine’s the kids and I did this year.  Nothing super fancy, but I think they’re cute mainly because they have my kids in them ;)

Rayna is obsessed with mustaches so she wanted to incorporate them somehow so we came up with this:

valentine rayna 3

She wasn’t allowed to hand out candy with them, so we just mounted on red cardstock.

I french braided her hair the night before and we took it out right before I took this photo.  She was going for a French look with the striped shirt and beret (which I made a few years ago).

Xander could give out candy so we did this idea and I taped Pop Rocks candy to the back side.

valentine xander 2

And finally, I wanted to share my Valentine’s mani using nail decals I got from Etsy:


The decal lines aren’t noticeable in person ;)

Well that was short and sweet, huh?  Hope your day is full of LOVE!

One Comment

  1. You’re right Trina the cards and your kids are both cute! Y’all always come up with such cute and clever ideas for V-Day, I really like that- that y’all do your own, so original. I also really like your Valentine mani, it’s really cute and so are the decals- what color is that? I really like it. I spent the day with my son for Valentine’s and we had a really good day together, and it is always special and like old times back when he was just a kid. He has always been my #1 Valentine! I was recovering from a migraine from yesterday/last night so didn’t feel very lovely, lol :)