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Rock ‘n Roll

February 20, 2013 by Trina 10 Comments

I’ve not been feeling sassy, trendy or stylish lately. Maybe it’s because I feel like my hair is so dark 100% natural. So I decided to ramp up the cool this weekend.


I chose my Rock ‘n Roll sweater I picked up at Kohl’s several months ago and paired them with, of course, ripped jeans and boots. (And yes these are the same jeans from last week. I love them so. They are super comfy.)

I topped it off with some shades, red lipstick and red hair chalk. It sort of looked more pink, and had I applied it to slightly damp hair it would have been darker, but I was pushed for time.

What do you think?

The best part? I wore this to sell cookies at a Girl Scout cookie booth and then to the grocery store. Life is too short to wear yoga pants in public (too often anyway ;) there are exceptions!).



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  1. I am obsessed with hair chalk! I like to chalk a section then curl it with a flat iron. For some reason it seems like the heat intensifies the color. Your hair is always awesome! Makes me want to chop mine off!

  2. How cute are you? I love the hair chalk…though I have never heard of it before! You look great!

  3. Love your sassy look! You pull it off well :)
    Every detail works without looking like too much. In my area, I’m just hoping the weather improves so I get out of this clothing funk…I’m done with the cold and ready for Spring!!

  4. Don’t know why you haven’t been feeling sassy, stylish, or trendy as of late. This look just OOZES sass and style. ROCKING IT.



  5. Whoo! Cute mama and your hair looks SO good, as usual!

  6. I love it! And I think you got your sass back with this, just sayin. :)

  7. LOVE hair chalk :) Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday Just grab the badge or link and comment and you’re good to go!

  8. I think you look awesome, girl! I like the whole look and I would rock the pink chalk look even though I know nothing about it- the first time I ever heard of it is when you did your post on it with Rayna’s hair. Don’t have a clue on how to do it- maybe you could do a post on “How to do hair chalk” or something to that effect, lol! For those of us who are clueless. You look pretty “sassy” to me and you are so right life is too short so we should dress the way we normally would not and have fun with it. I am really liking your hair- au natual :) Don’t feel bad Trina I have very few highlights left from almost over 1 1/2 yrs ago and am wanting highlights so bad, but for some reason my hair got real fragile and even finer than usual, too and now I am having to “baby” it even more than I normally do and there is so much to it that I am having to do to it- a pain!!! Hopefully we will be rockin some highlights soon.

  9. Such a cute rock inspired outfit!! That top is super cute.