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I’m going to ISRAEL! (Mary Kay Fundraiser)

February 18, 2013 by Trina 1 Comment

Hi friends!  I’m so excited to share the news of my going to Israel with you!  Over the last 2 years since Jonathan has been in Highlands College we knew he would have to take a missions trip to fulfill a requirement for graduation.  When he told me what trip he’d chosen I knew I wanted to go too.  At the time there were no spots open so I thought it just wasn’t the Lord’s will for me to join him.

Then a spot opened up.

I almost said no because of the money (it’s $3,200/person!) but because the spot opened up, it felt like the Lord was offering me the opportunity to go serve with my husband.  So with that said, my friends, I need your help.

I’ve been thinking of ways to raise money and after my mom and I talked we decided to do a Mary Kay fundraiser! (See the bottom of this post on how to give if you still want to support me but don’t want to order Mary Kay.)

If you already have a consultant, that’s ok.  You can still help me out if you wanted to place one order through this fundraiser.  

So this is how it will work:

*You can look through products at my mom’s site here.

*Email her at elneeta_2002@yahoo.com with your order mentioning TRINA-ISRAEL in the subject line and she will get back to you with your total.  Payments can be made via Paypal.

*Orders for this fundraiser will be taken from Monday, Feb 18th through Saturday, Mar 2nd.

*All proceeds will go towards my trip.

To make this a bit more interesting, we decided to add some incentives!

For orders over $100, you will receive this acrylic caddy to hold all your beauty products for FREE.


For orders over $150, you will receive this set of three cosmetic cases for FREE.


And finally ALL orders over $25 will be entered into a drawing to WIN the Complexion Perfection set which includes a full size TimeWise Even Complexion Essence face lotion (1 fl oz) + samplers of the TimeWise microdermabrasion set (step 1 .5 fl oz and step 2 .17 fl oz), valued at $35+  and a Lash Love mascara in black, valued at $15 for a total retail value of $50+.    A winner will be chosen March 3rd and announced here on this post and will be notified by email.


In case you are curious, some of my favorite Mary Kay products are the TimeWise skin care set (lasts about 4 months), the Microdemabrasion set (it lasts a while! got mine 6 months ago, still using it once a week), and the lip gloss in Cafe au Lait.

Also, while I was flipping through the new Trend Report, I fell in love with their limited edition Hollywood Mystique collection featuring two of my favorite colors: teal and red.  The Vintage Vogue look was my favorite (shop the look here):



I thank you in advance for your support!

(To contribute to my trip directly, you can go to my church’s website here, fill out your information -there is an option to make it anonymous – and choose Israel 5/23/13, then select my name from the list of attendees.  I’m the only Trina on the list :))

One Comment

  1. I’m placing an order and emailing your Mom today! I’m not normally a Mary Kay user, but I have a huge heart for Israel and would love to help support you in this way!

    I hope you will blog all about your trip! I know it will be life changing!

    Warm Regards,