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You Must Be My Lucky Star

October 2, 2012 by Trina 4 Comments

This past week at Bunco, we decided to go with a theme:  80′s!

This was going to be EPIC.

I sort of fretted for a bit about what to wear after going to 2 different thrift stores and leaving with only a curling iron to do my hair.  I had to get creative with what I already had.  I looked up a few Madonna videos from the 80′s and decided I could go with her Lucky Star video look.  Loosely inspired anyway because I couldn’t find the boots and her outfit was more “relaxed” than mine.

I managed to gather enough stuff from my closet and Rayna’s {her shirt, yeah you read that right, and gloves} and I came up with this:

Sidenote:  I dislike how these pictures turned out.  I hate taking photos indoors at night :(  But there was no way I could have gotten pics made before sunset in this get up.  I rushed home from work to get ready and it took me 45 minutes to curl and tease my hair.  It was totally worth it, just wish I had better pics.

I Instagrammed this crazy close up {it’s gotten the most likes of all my pics, haha!}:

Lipstick is Revlon Colorstay in Fushia.  Just an FYI because I always get asked.  I love this lipstick! 

Every single girl dressed up in 80′s garb.  It was so fun to see what everyone came up with.  My favorite, hands down was my friend Michaela in her 80′s prom dress and oversized gold earrings.  She had the perfect 80′s curly hair and blue eyeshadow.  It was great!

And here’s our group!

It was so much fun.  Tina had 80′s music playing and we all just ooh’d and aaah’d over everyone’s outfit details.  I loved Tina’s neon yellow lighting bolt earrings and splatter tank top, Leah’s belt {which she borrowed from one of her students! ha!}, Olivia’s shoes {from Target and I would totally wear them for real yet they were so 80s with her outfit}, April’s lacy gloves, Mandi’s legwarmers, Stacey’s eyeshadow, and Kayla’s side ponytail.

Do you love the 80′s?  Were you old enough to enjoy it the first time around?  I was just starting my teen years when the 80′s came to a close.  But I remember it well!


  1. LOVE!!!!!!! Soooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You looked great! But oh my word — where on earth did you find stirrup pants? Have NOT seen those since high school, LOL!

  3. I thought you did a great job on your hair, makeup, and the ourfit was so cute and edgey. I was in the 80′s and loved it and I actually thinnk it was the greatest of all times because the music was the very best. I dressed in the 80′s attire of course since I was living in it and some of my outfits were somewhat like Madonna’s and then some sort of like Cindy Lauper’s amd others and a cross between the two, but seriously I did love being an 80′s girl and I did love the clothes and music and anything that had to do with it and it was my time and I enjoyed all of it:) All of you ladies did a great job with the outfits and the bigger hair and all of that- not to mention the accessories like the jewelry and oh my the gloves- yep had several of those, too! I’m glad everyone had a great time dressing up and listening to the music during your game and girl time/fun! I miss those good times, lol!

  4. Looks hilariously fun! Those outfits were totally tubular! :)