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WIWW: Mitered Corners

October 10, 2012 by Trina 23 Comments

I have been on the hunt for some black skinny jeans for a while now.  I tend to mostly shop in the junior department because most of the time juniors fit me better due to my lack of hips or any junk in my truck.  I’m just not a curvy girl.  But the downside to shopping in the junior section is most of the pants are *really* low rise.  And anyone who has birthed children knows that we need a bit more fabric above the pubic bone to hold stuff in.  Can I get an “amen”?

So I was singing “alleluia” when I found these black skinnies at Target.  They are truly black, very soft, and they cover “the pooch”.  #Winning.  I wore them on Sunday with another newbie from Target, the “V” sweater.  I tried this on and was trying to figure out how I could cut my grocery budget to be able to take it home that day, I loved it that much.  Sorry kids, no pricey deli meat this week…it’s PB sandwiches!  Ha.  I wish I were kidding.

The sweater is so soft and has a bit of a dolman sleeve and it’s extremely comfy.  I literally wore this outfit all day, sun up to sun down, and it stayed comfy.  I didn’t have to keep pulling the skinnies up which is a win.  I seem to have a problem finding skinnies that won’t slide down my nonexistent hips.  Because these have a higher rise, I had less of that problem.  Now, if the black dye just won’t fade I’ll really have a win here.  I purchased some Woolite for darks so here’s to hoping.

Not much color going on this week, but an outfit I love nonetheless.  I hope you do too!

mitre stripe sweater: Target, black skinnies: Target, boots: Steve Madden at 6pm {similar}, necklace: Jewelmint {it holds a perfume oil soaked cotton ball to keep me smelling yummy, love it!}, ring: Wet Seal, polish: Julep

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  1. Ha, you sound like me! Extra spending means cheap grocery trip for the week! I love that sweater too!!

  2. Very cute! I recently found some black skinnies at Old Navy but I have the exact opposite problem. I’m curvy and have some junk so their slim cut bottoms never work for me. I’m pretty much on the outs with ON. I’ll definitely check out Target though!

  3. This is adorable! I am such a huge fan of all the outfits you post! I love the color contrasts paired with the jewelry, bags, and shoes! This look is quite adorable! The blousier sweater paired with the skinnies makes you look like you have hips :) I have a tough time finding jeans because my waist is super tiny, but my legs are really long. I love “higher-end” second hand stores!

  4. AMEN!!! :)

    Love that top!

  5. That is a GREAT outfit!!!

  6. Cute outfit. I wish I could make Target’s skinny jeans work for me, but we are on the outs. My story of skinny jeans still makes me break out in sweats when I think of getting a pair.



  7. Great outfit Trina! I am really liking that sweater :) I am small and thin, but I do have hips due to my only child. I pretty much have to get junior jeans since I am so small, but sometimes I can get some of the misses or by waist size. Sometimes I will splurge on certain jeans that are high end just because they are mid-rise and do come over my hip bones because like you I get so tired of having to pull up my jeans over my hips and it really gets trying at times so yeah you get an AMEN from me on that!!! I really like the whole outfit- it’s funny what we will sacrifice when we find something that we just have to have, isn’t it ? LOL!

  8. It is such a timeless outfit. I love your hair, too. So cute…

  9. I LOVE your tutorials on scarf wrapping, I’m just so not a wiz when it comes to scarves for some reason! Love your necklace with the perfume ball that is suchhhh a good invention! Love the boots<3

  10. i JUST found black skinnies too, now that old navy finally wised up and got colored jeans in their sweetheart cut.

    and as a fellow jewelmint addict, i wear that necklace with EVERYTHING lately.

  11. Here’s another AMEN to low rise pants. Not so great for mommys. Love the outfit!
    Stopping by from The Pleated Poppy.

  12. You are rocking those skinnies! Had to laugh because I got the Target sweater in the cream/tan combo and love love love it too. Have you seen the new(?) Target Premium Denim? It’s thicker than their other colored jeans. I didn’t have a chance to try them on, but they looked more substantial than the thinner ones.

  13. Too cute Trina!!! I haven’t tried the skinnies at Target yet but I am on the hunt for black and burgendy!

    Thanks for sharing!