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October 17, 2012 by Trina 13 Comments

Happy Wednesday and welcome to another outfit post!

One of my favorite things to do is take pieces I’ve worn before and wear them differently. Take this dress for example. I usually pair it with black tights, black booties, black belt, scarf and call it a day. But this year I’ve tried to wear more color so I started thinking about this dress differently.

Ok, you’re probably thinking “Where’s the color in this outfit?!” Well when I say wear more color, I’m not just talking about brights but also referring to color pairings. This year I’ve noticed how grey can be paired with other neutrals, brown even, and look great. Now this might be old news to some but I’m just your average girl, I didn’t go to fashion school or study color theory. I’ve always just worn what I love and what makes me feel great. I’m a very visual person so sometimes it takes me actually seeing something {on someone else usually} to know if it’s doable or not.

Funny tidbit, I have vivid memory of my Aunt Kathy suggesting I pair a green sweater with a purple suede skirt when I was in junior high and I just about died. I couldn’t fathom those two colors going together!  I remember just going on and on about how those colors didn’t “match”.  Ha!  Now, I would totally wear them together if they were complimentary tones of those colors.

So, on to today’s outfit, this is a fairly new color pairing for me: grey and taupe.

dress: Hautelook sale, tank: Target, belt: F21 {similar}, scarf: axillary sale at work, boots: Steve Madden {similar}, boot socks: Muk Luks from Hautelook sale, ring: GemsTv {no longer on air}, polish: “Trina” by Julep

I’m loving this neutral pairing.  What do you think?

A few of my other favorite brighter color pairings are:  purple+blue, blue+green, mustard+green, coral+turquoise, navy+pink.  What are your favorite color pairings?

PS I’m a bit silly sometimes! #nerdalert

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  1. You have read my mine EXACTLY. I love wearing outfits in different ways.

    Loving this dress so much…those boots are fantastic!!!

    I felt the same way when I was younger…everything had to match!! But now, I love mixing everything up!

  2. Love that boots and dress combo! I hardly ever think to pair them, myself! :P

  3. That is a great outfit! Boots and dresses are my new comfy! I love that look! You pull this one off fantastically!


  4. Loving your neutral outfit. The key to wearing neutrals is adding texture and some personality. You did that well with your scarf and your cute poses! Heather

  5. Cute outfit!! Love the colors!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this entire outfit!!!!!!

  7. You are the most adorable nerd on the planet!

  8. I really like the color pairing- you really pulled the whole outfit off with the colors and as always you know how to rock this outfit Trina :) You and I like most of the same color pairings as you know! Great Look! Cute poses- if you’re a nerd doing those poses then I am one, too, lol- a girl’s gotta have some fun!

  9. Love this outfit! :)
    It has taken me a while to get used to neutral color pairings, but they’ve grown on me and I love them. :)

  10. I LOVE that dress! I think the funny poses are sometimes the best :)

    Hope to see you back and linked up at What I Wore Wednesday Just grab the badge or link and comment and you’re good to go!

  11. Hey girl, love your fashion posts. I have a very limited wardrobe and am always looking for new ways to wear my “old” stuff. And then to make it even more interesting, I have lost quite a bit of weight and really have a limited wardrobe as I continue to lose. Anyway, all that aside, I’m dying for a new Erin Condren planner. Have you had any luck finding a discount coupon or code?

    Thanks! Melinda

  12. I definitely like this but I think I’d need a pop of “true” color. I’d keep it all and swap out the scarf for one in a bright yellow or a funky multi-colored pattern.