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DIY Chai Tea Concentrate

September 3, 2012 by Trina 2 Comments

I know this is sort of a silly DIY because really there’s nothing to making this tea concentrate but basically brewing some tea. BUT there is a method to my madness.

For months I’ve been buying the Tazo brand Chai tea concentrate. It’s pricey at $3.99 per carton considering I only got about 5 servings out of it. HA! I like a big cuppa Chai in the a.m., what can I say?

Anyway, I decided not only did I want to stop buying the concentrate but I wanted to switch to a decaf version of Chai made with red tea. So maybe this will be helpful for you if you want to either A) stop buying the brand name concentrates or B) wean yourself off caffeinated tea or C) both, like me.  {Please keep in mind, this will NOT taste like the Tazo brand, but it’s still chai and it’s still tasty :)}

To do a full week’s worth I need 7 tea bags and 42ozs of water. To make it easy, I use my Keurig to brew four 10 oz cups into my container then I add 2 ozs of regular water. You can do yours on the stove or even in the microwave. Once it’s brewed I measure out 5 days worth to take to work and leave the other 2 days worth for home. You can add honey or whatever sweetener you like at this point but I choose to add it when I’m ready to drink it. Sometimes I add extra clove and cinnamon because I love it spice-y.

{PS Typing this out makes me feel really OCD haha}


Now you can leave it at that or go with me to the next level and wean yourself off of caffeinated {Chai} tea.

Here’s my plan:
Week 1: 6 bags caffeinated Chai, 1 bag red tea decaf Chai
Week 2: 5 bags caffeinated Chai, 2 bags red tea decaf Chai
Week 3: 4 bags caffeinated Chai, 3 bags red tea decaf Chai
Week 4: 3 bags caffeinated Chai, 4 bags red tea decaf Chai
Week 5: 2 bags caffeinated Chai, 5 bags red tea decaf Chai
Week 6: 1 bag caffeinated Chai, 6 bags red tea decaf Chai
Week 7 {and beyond}: 7 bags red tea Chai

UPDATED 9/8/12 TO ADD:  I discovered this morning that I prefer a stronger tea flavor so I added in an 8th bag for my weekly brew.  In order to not mess with the caffeine levels {I’m on Week 3 now} the additional tea bag was decaf.  I prefer this brew with 8 bags over the brew with 7 bags.

I should be on Week 3 this week but I messed up so I’m still at a Week 2 caffeine level.   Again, I know this seems OCD, but I get major headaches during caffeine withdrawal so this gradual weaning is the best thing to keep me from experiencing serious discomfort.  I’ve had very minor headaches these last couple of weeks compared to nauseating headaches and nearing migraine level when I quit cold turkey.  So it’s going well so far.

OK, TIME TO DRINK:  I’m a math nerd and I measure out my tea concentrate every morning along with the milk that goes in it {Silk Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk, please and thank you!}. I use 6 ozs of tea concentrate and 4 ozs of milk. I have a handy little Tupperware 2oz “shot glass” measuring cup that I use, so 3 “shots” of tea to 2 “shots” of milk, ha!  Then I zap it in the microwave until hot and add a packet of Stevia and a swirl of honey.  Chai tea is my “hug in a cup” so I savor each sip!

The red tea I’ll be using once I kick the caffeine habit is Celestial Seasonings Sweet Coconut Thai Decaf Chai Tea pictured above.  It has a sweeter flavor than the Tazo brand so I can use less sweetener.

So, that’s that.  A very easy DIY to kick the expensive Chai concentrate habit.  Hope this was helpful! :)


  1. you may have thought this was simple, and it is, but it’s also good to know as i’ve never brewed tea in bulk {other than sweet tea, of course lol}. i always make my tazo chai by the glass, so i was hoping you’d post this. you’ve saved me from having to look elsewhere for the water to tea ratio.

    i’ve never tried red tea before. ill have to give it a go sometime.