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To the Max

August 15, 2012 by Trina 11 Comments

I’ve had this dress for ages but don’t wear it very often.  Sometimes I’m not sure if maxi dresses flatter me so I think this is only one of two that I own.  But I love the pattern and drape-y fabric plus it’s comfy so I decided to wear it to church this week.

maxi dress: NY&C {old}, cardi: takeout {old}, sandals: Dolce Vita for Target {old}, necklace: H&M {fairly recent}, toenail polish: China Glaze in Make An Entrance

Are you a maxi dress lover?

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  1. Trina, I love maxi dresses! My issue is that it is very difficult to find them in my size that don’t have spaghetti straps. Just because I am a size zero doesn’t mean I want to wear a dress with no bra! I found a few cute ones at Maurice’s this year but would rather not spend $40 per dress. Any suggestions?

    • Liz, I’m the same way, which is why I have a cardi on :( This one has spaghetti straps too. I was just looking online last night for some jersey fabric. If you have basic sewing skills you can make one with a plain tank and some jersey fabric. Just search for DIY maxi dress on Pinterest! Tons of ideas!

  2. So pretty!! I haven’t really worn a bunch either because I feel like they don’t look great on me, but I don’t think I’ve found great ones either! :)

  3. I really like your dress- the drapey material, the style of the dress, and really like the colors and how they seem to work so well togehter. You did a great job adding the cardi and pulling the outfit together with the shoes, and necklace- love the necklace! I think it all lookks great on you and I love maxi dresses adn skirts. This year I have actually bought 4 maxi skirts this Summer so that I can mix and match them with so many different tops and so many ways. 2 are solid and 2 are a print and they are just so gorgeous- I love them. I also love my maxi dresses, too and they are a few years old but still in style. I really do think it looks great on you and I don’t think the shortness factor you’re referring to pertains to you with maxi dresses or at least not with this one, OK? I will be honest with you- I had sprained my foot really, really bad and the doc told me to stay off of it and they gave me a cortisone shot and put me on a dose pak to try to help the inflammation and this was at the beginning of Summer and I was wearing only nice flip flops to Church and my maxi skirts- win, win situation since no one could see my feet much, lol! It took the entire Summer for my foot to heal and it still gets sore. Hey how is your new job going? Good I hope.

  4. I’ll make it simple! You look fab! Love the colors and the accessories!!!

  5. This is so cute and I think you look great in maxi dresses!

  6. I love this outfit. I do like maxi dresses. I think they look great on everyone. Dressing them up with a cardigan and necklace makes a huge difference.