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Leopard and Stripes

August 22, 2012 by Trina 34 Comments

When I first started putting this outfit together, I originally was going to wear it on Thursday with black dress pants in place of the trouser jeans.   BUT when I discovered in my bathroom mirror lighting that the shirt was actually really dark navy and pink, not BLACK and pink, I ditched that idea.  I decided to try it with the trouser jeans instead for Friday {since we can wear jeans on Fridays at my new job, yay!} and I love how this outfit came together!

I’ve seen a lot of people pair leopard with other prints so this is me tip toeing my way into that trend.  I hope you like it!

tee: Green Envelope from Marshalls, trouser jeans: Natural Reflections from Bass Pro Shop {I know! of all places! haha}, pumps: Sole Society, necklace: unknown brand from Belk clearance rack, watch: Walmart

Funny story:  Friday morning when I was trying to get dressed I could not for the life of me find this belt!  I was looking everywhere getting all in a tizzy because I just KNEW I left the belt on the bed and someone had moved it and put it somewhere.  And clearly I couldn’t wear the outfit without the belt, it wouldn’t be complete!  So my long suffering husband spent at least 20 mins helping me look for the belt.  I eventually found it thrown over the door of my armoire almost buried in a scarf {oops, I must’ve done that without remembering!}.  I felt like an idiot.  Because he spent so much time helping me, Jonathan was late to work. And so we *both* weren’t late he volunteered to drive the kids to his parents so I wouldn’t have to.  Yeah…he’s a keeper!

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  1. first…love that you paired leopard with the outfit..seriously so cute! and second…yes he is a keeper lol! so sweet!

  2. Love this outfit SO much – probably one of my favorites of yours! I’m mixing leopard & stripes in my post today too…great minds! :)


    • Thank you Kimberly! It’s one of my favs so far too! That and the layered tights :) I have been terrible at checking out my bloggy friend’s posts lately! I have to go see your outfit tho!

  3. What a beautiful outfit!!!

  4. I love your outfit and I think the leopard shoes look perfect with it.

  5. Glad you found your belt! Your outfit looks awesome, by the way, that necklace is unreal fab. And can we just talk for a second about how amazing your haircut is?! So glad I found your adorable blog through WIWW today! There is a big giveaway going on on my blog right now, I’d love it if you checked it out.

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things
    $100 Anthropologie Giveaway

    • Aww thanks so much Daryl! It used to be much shorter and I’m letting it grow out a bit but still keeping the asymmetrical look :)

  6. You look great, and I love the mix of patterns! Leopard goes with anything, in my opinion ;)
    Stopping by from The Pleated Poppy~ have a great Wednesday!

  7. I love the leopard toe shows peeking out

  8. LOVE this!!! It is the perfect combo of prints I think, and I absolutely adore trouser jeans :)
    Lish @ Imprintalish

  9. I love the pattern mixing, and the wide leg pants are extremely flattering.

  10. You look so cute! I love striped tops – I’m convinced they go with everything!

  11. The outfit looks great and I really like that top- I really think navy will mix with just about any color when it comes to stripes and I love striped tops. I really like the skinny belt, too. The pattern mixing is great and boy he is a keeper because mine would not do that since he doesn’t even look for his own stuff and is yelling “where is (insert whatever)”? So yes your’s is a keeper. You look great Trina and I hope the job is going great for you :)

  12. I am dying over that necklace. I want one so bad!!! I love the stripes with the leopard, but girl I do NOT know how you wear heels everyday. I’m on the search for some leopard print ballet flats. :) Seriously though, that necklace. LOVE IT.

    • I wish they had more so I could get it and send it to you! I want to wear it all the time, it goes with so much because of all the colors :) I have some Jessica Simpson leopard flats and I love them too. I wear them often but they’ve yet to make it into an outfit post ;)

  13. Outfit looks great. And kudos to your husband for taking care of you.

  14. i LOVE your first attempt at mixed prints. i haven’t known where to begin, yet you look like a pro at it already. cant believe you got those trousers at Bass Pro Shop LOL. they’re amazing!

    • I know! I actually ripped a hole at the crotch seam about 2 years ago {maybe 3} and they’ve been sitting in my closet unmended until a few weeks ago. I think I thought they were too big. And they aren’t, they fit perfectly, so what does that say about my size perception??? haha But yeah, totally random that I found them at Bass Pro and wasn’t really even “shopping” I just spotted them!

  15. hahaha Trina you are so funny! I actually saw the “belt tweet” a few days ago or so and told my husband it sounded like me and him! lol I am always tearing through the house looking for something. Great look and perfect for work or dinner/drinks! Love!