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It’s that time again…School!

August 26, 2012 by Trina 7 Comments

My babies started school last week and it’s hard to believe how big they’re both getting.

This year is new for us because they are both riding the bus!  This is Xander’s first year at public school also so they are both in school until 3pm.

Having to have them at the bus stop before 7am means I’m more than likely going to be at work on time ;)  Those who know me best know I tend to run late.  BUT you can’t do that when you’re counting on a ride to school from the bus.  I have to drive them down to the bus stop because it’s at the entrance to our subdivision so I HAVE to be ready.  So far it’s gone great.  Week one, down.  SUCCESS! ha

Here are my babies on their first day back to school.

I hate the middle pic of Xander has the sun on his face.  I was snapping the camera so fast I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time so I’m bummed about that, but I still got a few without the sun messing things up.

Aren’t they the cutest?!


  1. Your kids are so so precious!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nothing like the first day back to school! They are so cute and hey at least you are on time for work, lol! My son always had to ride the bus since we live in a rural country area so hope yours will enjoy riding the bus as well.