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Chattanooga Trip 2012

August 8, 2012 by Trina 7 Comments

Hubs and I booked a last minute trip to Chattanooga for our 11th anniversary over the weekend.

{warning:  Major Photo Dump Ahead}

We left on Friday about 1pm and after the 2 hour drive plus one hour time change we got into town about 4pm.  Our plan was to head straight to Ruby Falls ZipStream Aerial Adventure but it was raining so we took the Ruby Falls tour instead.

Here are a few pics from inside the caverns.

The most interesting part of the tour for me was of course Ruby Falls.  It was cool to hear about how the guy discovered it but they only give you like 3 mins near the falls.  Hubby and I spent so much time trying to get good photos of the falls that we didn’t get a photo together in front of it.  The falls have a light show that is timed so once the lights go out, that’s it.  So that was a bit disappointing.

That night we went by Hamilton Place Mall where I saw the biggest Forever21 of my life.  I’d forgotten to grab the blouses that were hanging on the door frame before we left town and wanted to shop for a blouse to wear to dinner.  You would have thought I would have found something in that store but it was a total fail.  I think I was just literally too overwhelmed to shop in there with all those choices.  I finally found a blouse to wear at The Limited, on clearance.  Yay me!

Anyway, we had a really late dinner Friday night at Taco Mamacita.  It was really good, really unique Mexican food.  I had three different tacos, which I can’t remember the names of, and the Mexican street corn {on the cob!} and it was extremely tasty.

Saturday was our actual anniversary and we started the day with breakfast at Rembrandts.  I had their chai latte and french toast paninni.  Highly recommended!

Rembrandts is located in the Bluff View Art District which is a really neat area.  In fact, there is a bed and breakfast called Bluff View Inn right next door to Rembrandts that would be really nice to stay in.  As the name suggests, it has an amazing view.

From there we headed to see Rock City.  It was such a neat drive up the mountain and I didn’t realize that Rock City was actually in Georgia.  There was a lot more to Rock City than I anticipated and it was a pleasant surprise.

Here are some of my favorite pics we took.

At Gnome Valley.

It was nice and cool here in the shade of the rocks.  But in the direct sunlight I thought I was going to burn up in my skinnies :\

Lover’s Leap on Lookout Mountain.  Just breathtaking!

You can see SEVEN states from here!

Fat Man Squeeze.  It was really tight through here!  Got a bit claustrophobic! haha

A white deer, very rare, and a young buck just sprouting his horns.

Another view of Lover’s Leap and the waterfall from Observation Point.

A 1,000 ton balanced rock.  Look how tiny Jonathan looks under there! haha

In front of Fairyland Caverns.  It was kinda creepy inside :\  but still cooler in there than outside :)

After Rock City we headed back to Ruby Falls to do their ZIPStream Aerial Adventure.  We didn’t get any photos there because they don’t allow cameras, but it was SO fun and we highly recommend going if you are ever in Chattanooga.  They have a kids course too so the littles aren’t left out.

After ziplining we were starved so we stopped for a late lunch at The Terminal Brewhouse for some burgers and fries.  Another highly recommended place for good eat.  I had the black bean burger with some gorgeous red onion and sweet potato fries.  Yum!

After lunch hubby went back to the room to take a nap while I went looking for another blouse to wear to our anniversary dinner.  I struck out again!  I hated to, but I just wore the same one I had worn the night before.  I was trying not to make such a big deal about it and stressing myself out because we were supposed to be having a good time.

We headed to Big River Grille based on numerous recommendations.  It was a pretty hopping place.  In fact that whole area down there was full of life even at 10pm.  Unfortunately our dinner there left much to be desired which was a big disappointment since it was our official anniversary dinner.  I was wishing we had gone back to Taco Mamacita or tried out Tony’s Pasta Shop in Bluff View.  Good thing we weren’t that hungry because of our late lunch.

We got up Sunday morning and headed back to reality.  Overall it was a great trip and we had fun just being together.

Happy ELEVEN years Jonathan!  Thanks for putting up with me, I love you!


  1. How fun! The caverns are beautiful!

  2. Looks like a really nice trip! I’ve never been there before but heard great things about the area! Have to put it on my “to visit” list.

  3. what a fun trip! love all the pics. i used to go to tennessee every summer from georgia and you went to all the places that were on billboards we’d pass lol (See Rock City was the one I’d see the most). not sure that we ever stopped, since it was an 8 hour trip, but i feel like ive been to the point where you can see 7 states lol. happy anniversary!

  4. What a wonderful site!! Happy anniversary!!!


  5. Oh I hate Big River Grill was a let down. We loved it. Looks like you enjoyed the trip though!

  6. What beautiful places! The views!
    I really like your “Major Photo Dump”! ;)

  7. I am really glad y’all had the chance to go to Chatanooga and visit Ruby Falls and Rock City. Isn’t it just so beautiful. I have been a few times and it ws always so much fun to see all the sites and getting to cool off every chance ya get since during the Summer month it is so warm. Did y’all get to visit Gatlinburg? That is also a gorgeous place to visit and stay. I wish y’all also could have went up to that one place (can’t think of the name right now) but it seems like you walk forever and ever to get all the way to the top- uphill climb and then you can see all sround you and the clouds pass through you and the cool mist is actually so cold that you have to wear a jacket at the top, but you can see as far as your eyes will take you. It is a very hard climb which is the only downside, lol! So happy for your 11 years together and wish you many more :)