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A Mug Rug. What?

August 3, 2012 by Trina 6 Comments

I was feeling crafty last week so the kids and I did some fun paper weaving and melted crayon wax paper hearts.  It left me itching to make something else and since it’d been forever since I’d used my sewing machine I thought I’d try sewing something.

I rummaged through my sewing cabinet and came across some scraps so I went looking for stuff to make with fabric scraps and came across these cute little Mug Rugs.  A Mug Rug is basically a tiny place mat for a drink and a snack.

This was the first one I made using the wonky starburst tutorial.

Water and almonds, yum!

I mitered my corners using this tutorial and bound the edges using this tutorial.  These were both extremely helpful!  But it didn’t prevent me from needing to use my seam ripper a time or ten, but mostly because I skim over directions when I think I know what I’m doing ;)

My second go-round went much better.  I only needed the seam ripper once and my mitered corners turned out much better.  I had it made in about two hours.  Instead of a starburst pattern I just used bits of scrap I had in roughly square and rectangle shapes so it’s more of a patchwork.  The binding on both of them was made from scrap fabric also, as shown here.

I didn’t do any fancy quilting on these, just stitched in the ditch {for the most part haha} down the joining seams.

This one is going with me to my new office on Monday….that’s right, I got a new job!

Happy weekend y’all!  Hubby and I will be celebrating 11 years of marriage tomorrow. :)


  1. YAY! Congratulations! My grandma has been crocheting “mug rugs” for years :) I think we have ALL received several pairs for Christmas. We love them.

  2. I love it Trina! You are so creative and I loved the metal nails too! Happy early anniversary twin tomorrow! Love ya! Becky

  3. LOVE the name, mug rug LOL. they’re so fun! happy anniversary! hope you have a great weekend and congrats on 11 years! that’s awesome!

  4. Those are cute! Happy anniversary!

  5. congrats! first of all I love your snack rug…so cute! secondly you got a job! that is so awesome! congrats!

  6. YAY Trina! Praise God on your new job, that’s great!!! I hope you will like it and enjoy it even more than your last one. The mug rugs are so adorable- really like what you did with them and the material you used. Happy Anniversary, also- hope it was a great one and many more to come!