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Turquoise + Coral Tape Mani

July 27, 2012 by Trina 9 Comments

I did this mani on Saturday after a lazy day at home alone.  The hubs had gone to the movies and the kiddos were at my mom’s.  I plucked through my polishes and these two were sitting next to each other and just screamed at me to use them in a mani.

I then pulled out a few things from my closet that matched which inspired the outfit I posted yesterday.

Julep‘s Sasha and Robin polishes, striped tee and Jewelmint necklace styled here

I loved the look of last week’s tape mani, but didn’t have that much time so I went with a simpler striped accent nail.  And if last week’s mani was too time consuming for you to try, this one won’t be.  It really shouldn’t take you much longer to do this than a regular mani.  After I painted on both colors of polish, I waited about 30-40 mins for the base layer to dry.  Then I did the taping with electrical tape on my ring fingers.  Once all was dry I applied a Seche Vite top coat.

I tried my best to capture the most accurate color of these polishes, but even with my fancy camera the turquoise {Robin} is showing up much lighter than how it looks in person.  And Sasha is a little less intense in person so any color correcting would have thrown one or the other completely off.  Anyway, I’m not trying to run a blog about nail polishes swatching, so that’s a good thing I guess. ha.

What I love about polishes and nail art is there is an unlimited amount of combos you can come up with.  I picked up a fun teal glitter polish at Walgreens this week {called Nail Junkie, how perfect is that? ha!} and I can’t wait to try a tape mani with it soon.

What do you think of this color combo?  Is it something you would try?



  1. LOVE the colors! such a fun mani! makes me wanna go home and play! better get those colors right on camera girl. can’t mislead your readers like i did ;)

  2. I love it!! Great combo! Now if I could hold my hands steady enough to paint it like that I would do it right away! :)

  3. Love those colors together! My absolute fav colors this summer I think! I’ve been itching to try something like this but I’m so nervous. I’ve only been painting my nails regularly since January (thanks to you, you’re such an inspiration!). I guess I ‘m just afraid I’ll mess it up and have to re-do it all – haha.

  4. You always have the cutest nails, girl!

  5. Yeah these are some of my fave colors here that I mentioned to you when you did your other tape mani that matched that top that I adored. Although I love many colors there is just something about coral and turquoise/teal that look so good in the Summertime. Such a cute mani as always that you come up with. I would like to try this one- it doesn’t look as hard, lol!