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Tape Mani: Let your wardrobe inspire you!

July 20, 2012 by Trina 8 Comments

I adore this colorful striped tunic from H&M that I picked up back in May.  {Pardon the dressing room photo ;)}

Last week it occurred to me that the colors/stripes would make a great mani.  {Now I’ll be looking in my closet for more inspiration! haha}


L-R: Make An Entrance by China Glaze, High Society by Color Club, Night by Petites, Kate by Julep, Magic Bus by Urban Decay

I was lucky enough to have the exact colors, down to the orange, in my polish collection.  I started by painting a base coat on {always!} and then painted my nails different colors. Specifically pink {pointer}, grey {middle}, white {ring} and orange {pinky} – I also used orange on my thumb but it’s not pictured.

When you’re doing a tape mani, it’s important to make sure the base layer is totally dry before proceeding with the tape.  You don’t want to pull up the polish…this has happened to me with Scotch tape, which was so disappointing, not to mention frustrating.  For this mani, I waited to do the taping until the next day to be safe.

Also regarding the tape, I discovered half way through this mani that I preferred electrical tape over Scotch tape because A) I could see it better to line up the pieces straighter, B) it was more flexible than Scotch tape and C) it wasn’t as sticky and didn’t pull up the polish.  I tested this theory when I painted the white stripes on my pointer because I had to tape over the black I’d already painted.  Follow me?  Sorry if that is confusing.

Anyway, the taping process is really easy.  Most of you have probably seen tape manis before but just in case, this is what it should look like once you decide on your pattern and put your pieces on.  I make sure the edges are down really well by pressing with the edge of my nail.

Because electrical tape is thicker than Scotch tape I would first stipple on the polish to make sure the edges were nice and finished.  Then I would do one last sweep {usually side to side} and then pull the tape up while the polish was still wet.  Once dry add a top coat.  I used Seche Vite top coat because it’s fast drying and doesn’t tend to smear the stripes during application.

Hope this was helpful and inspires you to try a fun colorful striped mani!  I’d love to know what you think of this.

Happy Weekend :)


  1. This looks amazing! Love the colors too. I tried my first mani using scotch tape last weekend and I came out terrible. I’m going to try using electrical tape this weekend to see if that helps. Love all the tips, tricks, and fashion advice you have been posting here and on Facebook. You are truly talented Trina! It’s also refreshing to have someone on the fashion blogging scene that posts outfits and ideas that are affordable. :)

    • Thank you Kathleen! It made my day to read your comment! :) Would love to know how the electrical tape works for you. Sometimes you just have to go al “trial and error” on stuff ;)

  2. i’ve been dying to see your how-to on this ever since i saw it on instagram. LOVE it! i may have to break out some stripes soon too! i really want that top too. i wish H&M sold online. i thought spring, but now im hearing fall… fingers crossed!

    • If you try the electrical tape while doing a striped mani, let me know your thoughts! And yes….please H&M, you’re killing us making us wait! haha

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE TOP Trina!!! WANT THAT TOP!!! lol- kidding, but do love it since I am not seeing the styles you have been wearing with the sleeves like this one and the others you had gotten at Express (I think) that you love so much. Maybe I just don’t notice them because of my very small frame and think they wouldn’t work on me, but regardless I am crazy for these tops you have been wearing :) Cute mani and love the colors- the colors in that top are my colors except for some Teal and Coral in my wardrobe. That mani looks so hard and time-consuming, is it? You have such awesome ideas and are soooo good at manis and now you are matching your manis with your clothing- how clever. I hope all is going great with you with what you are doing now, and keep the inspiration coming, you are so good at what you do with your fashion creativity!

  4. Hi Trina,

    Love your top! Is this still available at H&M?
    Also loved your mani. I need to try that technique.


    • I’m not sure if it is or not. I bought it in May and I’m not sure how often then change up their inventory/styles. Thanks so much! I hope you try the mani and let me know how it went!