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Bev’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

July 19, 2012 by Trina 6 Comments

I started getting Eating Well magazine a few months ago and I’ve enjoyed it pretty well so far.  But this month’s edition was extra special because it showcased the best recipes featured in the last 10 years for their 10th year anniversary celebration.

This cookie recipe caught my eye because HELLO, chocolate.  And wouldn’t ya know it, I had just what I needed to make Bev’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, so that meant I HAD to make them.

Click here for the original recipe.

I’ve made them twice now and the kids really love them.  I feel better giving them sweets when I know what’s in them and I love that these are made with oats and whole wheat flour!

Yes, my son is shirtless.  I should have told him to put something on, but we were living in the moment.  Eating fresh outta the oven cookies and not worrying if we were decent or not.

I’m sure mine are bigger than they should be because I didn’t get 2 1/2 dozen outta the dough.  Oh and speaking of the dough…if you make these, you will be tempted to eat more than you should of that raw yummy goodness.  I may or may not have made myself sick on it.  But it was worth it…oh so delicious!

Notes about sweetner:  I used what it called for {white and brown sugar} the first time.  The 2nd time I wanted to try Stevia, so I replaced the white sugar with Stevia.  The taste wasn’t that different but the batter seemed to be not as much as the first time and resulted in less cookies.

My kids like to ask me, “Momma is this healthy?!”  Well these cookies aren’t “healthy” because of the sugar, but they’re definitely better for you to indulge in than Pillsbury break and bakes :)


  1. Those cookies look delicious! I never ever get as many cookies out of recipes as it says in the instructions! I must bake big cookies! :) Looks like your little ones enjoyed it!

  2. I’m super excited to make these and may take them to a family barbecue this weekend. I’ve been getting Cooking Light and Eating Well, but haven’t had the time to browse either one yet.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. YUM! will def have to try these!!!