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Send the Trend

June 15, 2012 by Trina 9 Comments

Hey y’all!  Hope your Friday is going fabulous so far!

Yesterday was my birthday so I took the day off to just do what I wanted to do.  I don’t believe in working on your birthday :)

Today I wanted to share with you a deal I got for myself last night.  Send the Trend is a site I found a few months ago but I’d never purchased anything.  They have really cute jewelry, sunnies, scarfs and even nail polish.  Anyway, I got an email that they were having a $15 sale with {as always} free shipping.  Then later that night I got another email that they were giving me $10 off for my birthday!  I immediately headed over to the site to see what I couldn’t live without {because who can turn down a $5 deal!?}.

I picked up this scarf and I can’t wait to get it.  I know it’s too hot to wear right now, but come Fall I’ll be sporting this baby with a quickness!

Now the best part:  During their $15 sale is the best time to check out Send the Trend.  I can send you an invite {sorry, no invite links :(} that will give you $10.00 off automatically and you can pick something up for $5.00!  Can’t beat that.

UPDATE:  One of my commenters let me know that she joined STT and the $10 credit is active after 30 days :(  Which I think is crazy, but they didn’t consult me when they made the rules.  The $15 sale is still a good deal and they will more than likely offer another one in the future {this is the 2nd one they’ve had since I’ve been a member}.   If you want to join, get the $10 and wait for another great sale let me know and I can send you an invite.

The $15 sale ends tonight {6/15} at midnight ET!

Happy Friday!


  1. Cute scarf! Would you send me an invite? I’d like to check them out, especially for $5!

  2. Happy Birthday Trina! What a great way to spend your birthday, we think alike that’s for sure, lol :) I would like to check them out, if you don’t mind sending me the link. I really am adoring the scarf you ordered. Have a great Friday!

  3. Oh Wee! Hook me up Trina! I love to shop, specially deals like those. Love the scarf by the way. continue to enjoy your birthday, make it a month birthday celebration instead of a day celebration… more fun!

  4. I would like an invite…….. Have found a cute pair of earrings that I must order!!!!! Thanks so much :)

  5. A girl can never have too many scarves! I would love an invite if you would :) Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday! Would love the link! Thanks =)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, my sister’s birthday is also June 14th and my birthday is June 17th. Love all of your looks, you are gorg!

  8. Hi Trina, I would also like an invite. Thank you.