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Dear Rayna

June 8, 2012 by Trina 10 Comments

While I was on my hiatus in later April and May I failed to blogged about a few things.  One of them being that my first born turned 9.

NINE, y’all.

I can hardly believe it.  I know everyone says that but really, it’s true.

Time flies when your kids are small.

I just wanted to take a minute to write some words to my only girl.

Dear Rayna~

Nothing could have prepared me for what motherhood was all about.  I’ve heard it said that it’s the hardest most thankless job in the world.  And it’s true.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything because I have you.

We are so much alike, you and I.  So much so that I find myself angry with you only to realize you’re just like me.  So who am I to be angry at?  No one.  I’m learning to let the little things go and enjoy you for who you are.

You are smart and creative.  You are kind {on most days} and silly too and you love to snuggle while watching TV.  You love clothes and nail polish almost as much as I do so we bond while picking out the perfect shade to paint your nails.

I often wonder what you’ll be like as a teenager.  If you will stand up for your beliefs, in what is right and not follow the crowd.  If you’ll be a girl who’s heart is after the Lord and not the world.

When you are an adult I hope you and I will be friends like me and your Nene are.  I hope you’ll always want to talk to me about things, even the hard things.  I want you to feel safe knowing I’m here to listen and offer you guidance.

I hope I’ve lead enough by example of what it means to be a Christian.  I’m no where near perfect, but hope that you see me try each day to love Him more than anything.  I want that for you so much.  To love Him more than anything.  And I pray that you’ll strive to do bigger and better things than I have.

Rayna girl, you are a treasure and I’m so blessed to call you my daughter.  I love you so much.

xoxo, Mom


  1. Trina… this made me cry reading it. Happy birthday to sweet Rayna and I am sure you are setting wonderful examples for her. I know you are a great mom! xoxo-Melissa

  2. Wow. That was so sweet Trina Bina! tears are flowing :)

  3. So so sweet! Having a son and a daughter just like you, I know the special relationship you have with each one and I too treasure the bond I have with my daughter. It’s so crazy to see so much of yourself in someone that you are constantly battling with.

    Happy Belated Birthday Rayna!

  4. This brought tears to my eyes and made me think that I need to do the same thing for my 8-yr-old daughter. It’s the same with us – our personalities are so similar that we tend to butt heads and she is closer to her Daddy. My greatest fear is that we won’t remain close as she heads into her pre-teen years…and I desperately want to have a friendship with her so she will confide in me! Thank goodness we don’t have to figure it out alone – don’t know how I’d handle all this if I didn’t have Jesus :)

    • Yes, without Jesus helping me with this I’d be so lost! haha! I always enjoy seeing your comments Kimberly, thank you!

  5. Oh Trina we believe so much the same way. Even though I have an only son, but I have always tried to bring him up the way God wanted me to and we are so so very close so that he tells me everything- yes even the unusal hard things through life and he is a strong Christian as I have prayed that he would be. Our children usually do follow us by example and I think you are and have done an awesome job with Rayna by setting examples with her from what I can tell. You are a wonderful mom Trina and I am sure Rayna is going to be fine and turn out to be the person that God would have her to be. This really touched me and made me feel that connection that we both share with our children.

  6. um wow!! thanks for making me cry at work! that was so sweet!! I know Rayna will treasure that little note always!! I love you heart Trina!! Love you!!! -Britt, your real life friend :)