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Caviar Fruit Themed Mani

April 2, 2012 by Trina 21 Comments

One of the new nail trends popping up is the Caviar mani made popular by a British company called Ciate.  Ciate offers three color kits: black, pearl and rainbow.  But they are all on back order at the moment and retail for 18 Euros each.

As soon as I saw it on Pinterest, I knew it would be an easy DIY if I could find the right beads.  I found some at Michael’s and although it didn’t include black like the original Caviar mani, there were lots of yummy spring and summer colors to play with.

I messaged my mani obsessed friend Jenn and we decided to do a link up to show you how fun and easy these little microbead manis can be.  We thought a fruit theme would be fun so Jenn decided to do a Lemon Lime mani.  After much hemming and hawing {and lots of polish changes!} I finally chose Raspberry Orange.  We also decided to keep it low key and just add the beads on an accent nail.  Although if you are so inclined you can totally go full throttle on this ;)

I just love these colors!  They are so fresh and vibrant.

Since there is already a how to out there from the original Caviar mani, I didn’t take step by step photos.  However, this mani is super easy so I’ll give you a quick how to.

You’ll need:

  • Microbeads  {Either this Martha Stewart set from Michael’s, or these from Born Pretty.  Jenn said Hobby Lobby nor Joann’s had these kinds of beads.}
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Polish color of your choice {I used Make an Entrance {pink} and Sun Worshiper {orange} both by China Glaze}

Simple How To:

  1. Brush on a base coat.  Once dry apply your polish color of choice, as many coats as it takes to be opaque.  {I had to use 4 with Sun Worshiper!}
  2. Next, apply another coat of polish color to the nail you want to bead and while the polish is still wet sprinkle the beads over your nail.  {I used a Birchbox lid to catch my extra beads in ;)}  Sprinkle until the entire nail is covered.
  3. Lightly press the beads into the wet polish and allow to dry.
  4. Add a top coat to any plain polished nails.

Some tips:

It’s up to you whether or not you want to add a top coat on the beads.  I found that adding one over the beads didn’t look as good, but the downside is it won’t last long without one.  In that case these are good manis for special occasions or a fun night out on the town.  {The clear ones look AMAZING over black polish!}

Like I mentioned above, I used a Birchbox lid to catch my extra beads in.  Any small rigid container should work, maybe even some Rubbermaid plastic wear.  That will keep things neat and you’ll be able to pour your beads back into your bottle afterward.  Don’t want to waste any!


So what do you think?  Would you wear this new nail trend?

Don’t forget to hop over to Jenn’s and check out her adorable Lemon Lime Caviar Mani, it turned out so cute!



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  2. This is so cute – and I love the colors you chose…just wondering how long it lasts?

    • I know I replied to you on Twitter, but wanted to reply here too in case anyone else had this question :) It will last maybe a day or two without a topcoat, depending on how much you use your hands. With a topcoat {which I really don’t recommend..it’s just not as pretty with it} I wore these beads for 4 days before taking it off. With that said these are the perfect manis for special occasions where you want something fun and different.

  3. I love it! Love the raspberry orange theme! I need some microbeads stat.

  4. LOVE YOUR NAILS! You are so talented Trina!

  5. A-maze—-ing! I never wear nail polish … But now I’m feeling inspired :) ! Great job Trina!

  6. I love it! I would have never thought that would work, but it’s so cute!

  7. Ahh!! I love love love this!! Can’t wait to try this!

  8. What is the orange polish? I love it!

    • Hi Elise! I mentioned it in the post along with a link to purchase on Amazon if you can’t find it locally. :) It’s called Sun Worshiper by China Glaze. It’s a very thin formula…I had to use 4 coats.

  9. I guess I missed that. :) Thanks.

  10. As a fellow nail polish junkie, I’m more than intrigued! These colors are great — very fresh and spring. Love!

  11. This is so pretty! It would be awesome to do a white or ivory opaque polish with matching beads for a wedding!

  12. LOVE the nails!! PINNED the nails :) i have these martha stewart glitters….MANY of them, can’t wait to paint my nails tomorrow!!

  13. Thought of you the other day when I got my nails done! Anywho, the color I chose is called “turquoise and cacos” who thinks of these names? They’re hilarious, I think from now on I am purely choosing my manicure shade by color name! I love this and will def have to try it once my life slows down a little. If I did this right now those little beads would be flying in every direction! I am def adding this to my “projects/things to tackle after the wedding” board on pinterest!