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2012 Week 14

April 9, 2012 by Trina 2 Comments

Day late…dollar short.

I meant to post this last night but time got away from me.  Not that any of you were hanging on the edge of your seats waiting for it or anything ;)

Here’s how my week looked:

April 1 – My hubs is a fool for love.  He gladly helped me take off my polish so I didn’t ruin the other hand I’d just painted :)

April 2 – Relaxing after a long Monday…Xander asked if he could put his head on my tummy.

April 3 – New mani.  Penelope from my April Julep Maven box.  {And I’m still wearing it a week later! haha}

April 4 – Daddy/Daughter and Mommy/Little Man date night.  Hubs and Rayna went to eat Chinese and Xander and I headed for Mexican.

April 5 – We had some crazy weather and some dark storm clouds moved in.  After it rained the sky turned orange on one side and on the other there was a double rainbow but this was the best I could catch of it with my cell phone.  Later the sky turned hot pink.  It was incredible.

April 6 – It’d been a LONG week, I was waiting for my mom outside work.  This was the only pic I took that day, I was beat.

April 7 – My kids’ first time getting ice cream from the ice cream truck.  I thought I was the only mom that avoided these but some people on Twitter said they told their kids it was the “music truck”.  Haha!

We also went to Easter services on Saturday night and I’ll be dog gone if I didn’t forget to get a pic of all of us.  :(

Hope you had a fabulous week and blessed Easter weekend!


  1. Love it! Hope you are having a good week this week so far!

  2. I’m still singing Alive in my head after the services this weekend.