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2012 Week 13

April 1, 2012 by Trina 4 Comments

Friends, I feel like I’ve really neglected the blog lately and feel really disconnected from y’all.  This makes me sadz. :(

I dunno what’s up but March seemed like the longest and busiest month ever.  So glad it’s over!

With that said, Happy April and I hope you and I can get acquainted again.  :)

Here’s my 13th week of 2012 in pics:

March 25 – After church the fam and I went to eat with my mom.  Xander and I rode in my car and snapped a quick photo in the parking lot.  I love this lil guy!  Isn’t he handsome!?

March 26 – Monday, oh Monday.  I had to make you more tolerable with these yummy vegan no bake cookies.  They’re really just sort of like dough really, shaped into cookies haha.  But very good.  I ate all of them by myself.  Don’t judge.

March 27 – Tuesday I stepped out in my new leopard print pumps from Sole Society.  After looking for MONTHS for the perfect leopard print pumps I found them here and got $15 off since it was my first purchase from them.  These have a bit more toe cleavage than I prefer, but it’s bearable.  Sole Society is a shoe of the month club but there are no fees and no need to Skip the Month if you can’t purchase.  All shoes are $49.95 with free shipping and returns.  You can try Retail Me Not for current coupons.

March 28 – I started to share a photo of me at my 6 month dental cleaning, but who wants to see that?  haha.  Instead I’ll show you the DIY woven chain bracelet I made last year.  Muuuuch better.

March 29 – Love this chiffon top from Tulle.  I think I’ve actually shared this in another one of these posts.  But I got tons of compliments on it that day.  Including one from the Chinese lady on the 9th floor of my building that doesn’t speak very good English.  But the way she went on and with all the nodding I could tell she really REALLY liked it.  Ha!

March 30 – Friday was an unofficial date night and by the time we got out to do anything it was already 8pm.  So hubs and I took a trip to TJ Maxx to browse around.  I’ve been obsessing over J’s Everyday Fashion blog and adding more color to my wardrobe so I tried stepping out of my comfort zone {wearing tons of black}.  Old habits die hard and needless to say none of these things went home with me.  Hubs said I should have been a goth.  {I spy a blue eye!}

March 31 – Saturday was such a busy and yet lazy day!  I didn’t even leave the house, but I did a lot.  I filed our taxes, did some sewing – even busted out my serger that hasn’t seen the light of day in about a year – and played dress up in my closet.  I also had some spa time and even used my self tanner!  All that and this is the most exciting pic I have for you.

Ok, I have to share a story from Friday that I tweeted about but bears repeating on the blog because it was just one of those things where you think to yourself “This is NOT happening!”.

Friday at work I was moving some files from one cabinet to another and I squatted down next to a drawer and shifted my weight to put the files into the cabinet and I felt my right knee LOCK.  Yes, it locked!  This knee locking was very common for me when I was a kid.  I would sit in front of the TV when I was young with my legs folded underneath me and they would sometimes lock in place and I couldn’t move, couldn’t stand up!  It would put me in a state of panic but they would eventually unlock.

BUT this has not happened to me in over 20 years so when it did on Friday it was very surreal.  I was squatting there in my office right in front of my open door with my hands on the floor in front of me thinking “THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!”.   Oh but it was.  I started to call out to the girl across the hall, but it was all so embarassing that I decided not to.  Right about then of all people guess who walks past my office…the big boss.  I was hoping he would keep walking but he stopped and I could see his shoes in front of me.  I managed to squeak out a “My knee is locked. I can’t stand up.”  I was thinking surely he thought I was nuts because who has knees that lock in place?!  So I started laughing and then….THEN I started crying because I was so embarrassed and just beside myself with “THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!”

One of the girls in the office started asking if she should call the MET team {medical emergency} and I was like NO! haha  That was the last thing I wanted and I knew it wasn’t necessary.  The big boss wanted to help me into a chair, but I could NOT stand up.  I tried a few times and it hurt so bad.  Everyone was just standing around helpless to assist me.

After a few minutes {that seemed like EONS} I managed to roll over onto my bottom and pull my bent knee up in front of me and then it finally unlocked.  I was just CHAWED as Kelly would say.  I just couldn’t believe all that was happening!  My supervisor and another coworker showed up after all the drama and I was still wiping away tears so I had to explain what had just happened.  Phew…what a day!  haha!

Hope you had a fantabulous week with no CHAWED moments! :)

Stay tuned…I have a VERY exciting mani coming up soon!


  1. Oh Trina how horrible that your knee locked up and then as you said “the big boss” came in, I so feel for you, back many years ago it seems something somewhat similar happened to me and it is embarassing and not to mention you have no control over the situation. It sounds like you have been busy, but I do like the items you had hanging up at T.J. Maxx with the bright colors and all. I still like those bracelts all of you made last year, I have such itty bitty wrists that It’s hard finding bracelets all the time that fit. I had emailed one of the girls about it when y’all made them because I think she had said something about also having smaller wrists and said to make the bracelet smaller. Anyway I hope you have a great day!

    • Thanks Lou! Yes it was so embarrassing and I hate not having control over stuff haha! The bracelet I bought for that DIY was big on me too and I just removed a link or two and now it fits great!

  2. my fingers lock up every once in awhile, and it’s so ridiculous!! and i hate when no one believes me!