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St. Patrick’s Day Nails

March 15, 2012 by Trina 16 Comments

I’ve been wanting to start offering up nail ideas prior to fun holidays so I figured what the heck…let’s start with St. Patrick’s Day.

I originally was going to go with a shamrock accent nail, but I attempted that idea and didn’t love it.  I browsed Pinterest and Youtube and decided to go with a rainbow and pot o’ gold after seeing this pin.

I did these at like 11pm last night so this post was not thought out prior to or else I would have better pictures to share with you.

Here are the polishes I used:

The basic How To:

You will need:

  • Colors of the rainbow polishes {opaque as possible}
  • Black polish
  • Gold polish {mine is Midnight Kiss by China Glaze, it’s a very saturated gold}
  • White polish, not pictured
  • Gold glitter polish-optional, not pictured
  • Dotting tool
  • Small art brush or nail brush.  Mine isn’t pictured but it’s very thin, about the size of a pencil lead.

I painted all of my nails green except for my ring finger. I used Lucky Duck by Orly.

I painted two coats of white on my ring finger and topped that with a gold glitter polish {not necessary, but fun}.

Once that is dry, begin painting your rainbow on with your small brush.  I let a drop or two of polish fall from the brush onto a plastic lid and dip the brush into the drops.  I started with the red and painted it on in sort of a fan, going from around the middle to the outer edge.  I followed suite with the rest of the rainbow colors.

When your rainbow is dry, dot on the black in a round shape with your dotting tool at the base of the rainbow.  Then take your art brush and “cap” off the black dot, creating the lip of the pot.

After the pot is dry, dot on your opaque gold polish for the coins.  I placed mine at the top and scattered some around the base and sides too.  I probably should have gone with a smaller dot for the coins, but it’s still cute I think.

Once everything is dry, top with a fast drying top coat.  I used Seche Vite.



Hope you enjoyed this mani and tutorial!


  1. SO amazing! I would never have the patience/steady hand for this, but it’s very impressive!! :)

  2. Super cute as always Trina! Love this!

  3. Hey Trina, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity. You did an awesome job with your nail art! It’s so cute and I am sure you are getting tons of compliments and good conversation starters with something so unique- I like your ideas. Keep it up for the holidays since you are so good at it- obviously. I wouldn’t even try this unless I practiced a lot- a WHOLE LOT, LOL!

  4. Oh my goodness- you did an amazing job on these! So cute! P.S. Thanks for introducing me to Julep Maven! I loved my box and have already referred 4 friends, so the next two months are going to be free for me! Yay! :)

    • Thank you Tara! And you are very welcome, so glad to hear you love it and are getting some referrals! Feel free to tell your friends to use my discount code XOXOTRINA so it’s cheaper for them to try it out :)

  5. Love!! I would need someone else to do for me but I’d wear the look!

  6. This is AWESOME! How do you clean up your nails near your cuticals?

  7. I love you nails! So festive.


  8. Turned out amazing! I’m not sure if I would have a steady enough hand for such detail! :)