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WIWW on All Things Chic

February 22, 2012 by Trina 13 Comments

Happy Wednesday y’all!  Being that last Tuesday was Valentine’s and hubby and I attended a marriage conference over the weekend, I pretty much celebrated all week by wearing different combos of red or pink with white/grey/black so my heart mani wouldn’t clash.  Ha!  I’m such a polish nerd.

I wore this Sunday to church and then grocery shopping afterward.  I lead such a glamorous life ;)

Hop on over to All Things Chic for the deets on my outfit and to see more Everyday Style.


  1. Ok, i know this wasn’t the focus of the picture but your hair looks so good!! Are you growing it out?

    • Oh thanks! I am growing it out some, but not too long. Although I do go back and forth with wanting it long ultimately my hair looks better short.

  2. seriously, just when i think you’re style can’t get any better, you always top your last look. and they are all amazing!!! think im gonna have to steal (be inspired by) this look ;) LOVE it!

  3. You are too funny! LOVE your hair! Cute nails too!

  4. Seriously GORGEOUS! I love the touches of red and your haircut :)

  5. Looking gorgeous as always Trina!

  6. you look great and i love the pop of red on black and grey (which is what i did on vday as well). and i love your nails!

  7. Too cute! Love your red scarf. I’m also a total polish nerd — I plan entire outfits around the shade of my nails, and I’ve taken to changing the color every three days or so. Eek! (I’m a Julep Maven, too, and that totally feeds my obsession. I got my March box yesterday — too neutral shades, which I like!)