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DIY Shoe Cuffs

January 5, 2012 by Trina 5 Comments

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you may have heard/seen me blog about my favorite booties in the whole wide world, my Seychelles Do Si Dos.  I bought them two years ago and I’ve worn them to death.  They are leather, so over time they’ve stretched out a bit, which means my heels {especially the left one} like to slip now while I’m walking in them unless I wear them like this:

Which is fine.  But sometimes I want to wear them with tights and a dress, like on Friday, and have to worry about slipping out of them.  So when I saw these, I knew that is what I needed.  I really didn’t know what else to call these but they are basically bands that go around your shoes.  The ones on Etsy are called shoe cuffs so I’ll stick with that, however this version is featherless and more suitable for everyday wear.

When I got this idea in my head, I wanted to do it like RIGHT.THEN. which is typical of me.  Unfortunately I was getting ready for work and didn’t have time. But you better believe I tackled this DIY as soon as I got home that night.

I didn’t take step by step photos because I sort of just made it up as I went along using what I had on hand and I really didn’t think this would be something everyone would want to try.  After all not everyone has booties that won’t stay on their feet.  But of course two days later I realized I had some basic black pumps that slipped on the left heel too and tried the cuffs on them and they worked just as well on the pumps!

If you do wish to DIY these, here’s what you need:

  • 2 inch wide elastic  {I always search Etsy when I need DIY supplies. But this time I just used a belt that was too big for me.  I didn’t have quite enough elastic from the belt to go around both shoes, so I used some sturdy black duck cloth material from my stash to the elastic to make up the length.  If you are buying elastic for this project, you shouldn’t need that and it will be a lot simpler to do.}
  • fabric scissors, needle & thread or sewing machine

The How To {if using purchased elastic}

  • Measure the length around your foot where you want the band to sit on your foot.  I think mine was about 11 inches around.  Keep in mind the elastic is stretchy so how I did this was wrap the elastic around my foot until it was snug but comfortable and marked where I needed to cut.  You don’t want it too loose or it won’t stay put very well.
  • I zig zagged the raw ends of my cut elastic to keep fraying to a minimum.  I highly suggest you do the same. I went over each end about 3-5 times.
  • Overlap the ends of the elastic slightly and you’ll have a loop.  This makes it a bit awkward to get under the sewing machine foot to sew, but it’s doable.  Zig zag the overlapped ends back and forth several times until it feels sturdy.
  • You are done, easy peasy.  Just slip on over your shoes!

The How To {if using a wide elastic belt or if you don’t have enough elastic}

  • Either purchase something to make up the length you need or find something in your stash that will work.  I started to use wide black ribbon until I spotted the black duck cloth.  There are no hard and fast rules and it doesn’t have to be black either.  Just get creative if you have to.
  • I took a rough estimate of the material I would need to make the band long enough to go around my shoe.  Then I sewed the material to one end of the elastic. {If you have material with raw edges that will fray, see the paragraph below these instructions.}
  • I measured again by stretching the elastic & material around my foot and then marked on the material where to sew the other end of the elastic.
  • I overlapped the 2nd end of the elastic and material, pinned in place and this made a loop.  It gets a little awkward trying to get the loop into the sewing machine to sew it closed, but it’s doable, just take your time.  Zig zag several times back and forth until it feels sturdy.
  • And you’re done.

I did take a few more extra steps to get my material ready to attach to the elastic, but like I said didn’t take photos.  But basically this is what I did.  I took a piece of material roughly 4.25 x 3 inches.  I folded in half, joining the short sides and sewed the loop closed.  Turn ride side out and iron flat.  You will still be left with 2 raw edges.  These are what you will join to the elastic so they need to be finished.  Either zig zag or serge one of the ends to prevent fraying.   Overlap the zig zagged end with one end of the elastic and zig zag again as explained above.  Measure around the foot and mark where the elastic needs to be sewn to the material.  Cut excess off if needed and zig zag that end.  Then overlap, creating a loop, and sew closed using a zig zag as explained above.

Hope you liked this DIY!  I tend to over explain things because I never want people to come here and get frustrated because I didn’t explain how to do something clearly.  I figure more information is better than not enough. :)

I’m linking up with Kodi today for Pinspired Thursday.  I actually pinned this idea and two days later had the DIY done.  :)


  1. what a genius idea!!! and you can totally add bling to it too which is SO fun.

    I can’t sew though. Not even a button. So I’d be on etsy searching for ones already made. =) ha ha


  2. Love these! What a fun way to jazz up some boring shoes too! Thanks for linking up. XO

  3. If I was fashionable at all I might try this but I am not. HA! So I will say awesome design :)