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Working On: Rayna’s Room

November 28, 2011 by Trina 6 Comments

I’ve mentioned many times through the years on this blog how hard of a time we’ve had with Rayna and getting her to sleep in her own bed.  She’s 8 1/2 now and I think she’s finally getting the hang of it.

It’s about time huh?  Tell me about it.

For the last couple of years, we’ve had to lay down with her at night to get her to sleep and she would inevitably end up in our bed at some point during the night anyway. And she would bring her brother with her.  Ugh.

Most of you know that before my dad passed away, he lived with us and the kids had to share a room.  Now that there is a possibility of her having her very own room I think she’s been more serious about trying.  We made a deal that if she sleeps in her own bed for the rest of the year, that we would invest in a cool new bed and fix her very own room up like she wants.  However, I did have to compromise on the deal at first and let her fall asleep with the TV on, but muted.  They don’t have cable in their room, so it’s just a DVD playing which cuts off after it’s run its course.  But I didn’t want to do that at first because I felt like the flickering light from the TV would disrupt her sleep.  Jonathan talked me into letting her have her way for the first two weeks and then we would transition to a different light.  And I’m glad I bent a little because it has worked like a charm!  So far she’s gone to sleep without me or Jonathan having to lay down with her for the last two weeks which is a HUGE accomplishment!  I’m so proud.

So, I started a Pinterest board for her new room.  She wants a loft bed and at first I wanted to build our own but I found a place online that sells a loft bed kit {all pre cut and pre drilled boards, nuts, bolts, and screws} for just a bit more than I can buy the materials here.  I think we’re just going to buy that and it will save us time and frustration from having to do all of that ourselves and then all we’ll have to do is stain and assemble it.

Inspiration from Ana White:

For her bedding, we didn’t agree on much, until we found this set from PB Teen.

However, the price was not so nice.  I kept looking and found a similar style on Amazon that we both really liked.  Although she originally wanted something purple, we just couldn’t find anything in that color scheme that we both agreed on.

She also wants a place to sit and her TV underneath the bed so I found this cute lounger at Walmart that matches the green in the comforter.

For the wall color, I really like this aqua blue.  Cloudless by Behr. {Have you tried their color finder?  Really neat stuff.}  I’d have to test this out on the wall first to make sure it’s not too bright.  If so I’ll go with a lighter aqua.

I also like Fairy Tale Blue by Benjamin Moore.  Which is very similar now that I see them together lol.

I saw this saying on Pinterest and really liked it and would love to add it to a mirror in Rayna’s room.

And also this huge chalkboard trimmed in molding.

These cabinet doors fitted with hooks

And these simple shelves made from scrap wood and ribbon/fabric and D rings.

Another thing I’d like to add, when I have time, is a hand made tshirt rag rug.  I’d have to make my own because these are really really expensive otherwise.  But they take a lot of time to make.  So we’ll see.  I’d love to do a white one but that’s not very practical so we’d probably do pink instead.

Soft enough for baby’s approval.

So that’s my next project.  I can’t wait to get everything underway and finished so I can share the finished room!  Of course Rayna can be a bit fickle so we’ll see if she vetoes anything I’ve picked out and how close to the original design the finished one will be…the joys of having a daughter!


  1. The lounger is perfect for now and when she goes off to college too. I think that is money well spent.

  2. i LOVE everything here! ive always wanted to do the bunk bed with a play space underneath for my future bambinos. i love that it makes fun use of vertical space and clears up a bunch of room for a desk or play area. that chalkboard is AMAZING!

    • I’m really excited about this loft bed. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of it for about a year now and I’m glad Rayna loves the idea too!

      I’ve started a board for Xander’s room as well. I’m gonna be so broke LOL.

  3. I actually made that loft bed (the one from scratch – the green one on page two in the link :-) ) and I think you’re making the right choice. It was a LOT of work.

  4. If the color is too bright, you might try to lighten the color by 50% or something too… that might work over changing to a different color.