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I’m a {Julep} Maven

November 22, 2011 by Trina 4 Comments

Is this turning into a beauty blog?!

No, I promise it’s not but I love to share things that I love and I hope you all don’t mind me gushing about these new beauty products I’ve found.

A few months ago Jenn and I were tweeting about the need for a PolishMint {or LacquerMint if you wanna sound all fancy ;)}.  If you are familiar with JewelMint, StyleMintBeautyMint, and the newest, ShoeMint, then you know where that idea came from.  A fellow nail polish addict tweeted us about Julep so I headed over to check them out.

So what is Julep and what’s a Julep Maven?  This video from the CEO and founder will fill you in.  But if you’re not able to watch the short video, here is the break down:

  • Over $40 worth of customized products each month elegantly packaged in our exclusive beauty editor Sneak Peek Box for only $19.99
  • Featuring new, never before released colors and treatments FIRST to you, before anyone else
  • Also includes hits and cult favorites-the products we like to keep on the top of editors’ minds
  • 20% off all julep.com purchases
  • Free shipping on ALL your purchases
  • Each month you have 4 choices.  You can accept the box, skip a month, send to a friend, or request another shelf pull
  • If you share Julep with a friend and they sign up with your link, you are rewarded with a $15 gift certificate to spend at Julep.com.

I was a bit put off by the price so I didn’t join right away.  But when I came across a introductory offer to try Julep for $5, I finally jumped on board.  {You can get your first box for $5 also with my code XOXOTRINA.  Click here to get started.}

I took my Maven Style Quiz and according to Julep, I’m an American Beauty.  Fun, right? :)

I got my first Julep Maven box this week.  $60 worth of product for only $5 with my intro offer.  {$19.99 regularly}

Overall I love the polish.  It applies well and dries in average time.  I can get a nice opaqueness in two coats, which is par for the course with other polish.  It’s a bit pricey if you compare the price vs. fluid ounces.  It’s definitely more than Essie or OPI.  I think the draw for me though is how unique the brand is and that it’s still fairly unknown in the world of polish.

As for the glycolic scrub, I loved it!  It really made my hands super soft and it smells really good too.

I got an email today that my December Maven box is ready and will ship soon!  This is what Julep has curated for me for December:

I debated whether or not to continue to be a Maven because of the price, but after receiving my December Maven sneak peek email I think I’ll give it more time before I decide.

What’s neat is that the Pomegranate Body Creme picked for my box this month isn’t even available yet.  I get it before anyone else!  How neat.  Also, I’ll get $46 worth of product this month for only $19.99.

Is Julep Maven something you would try?

{Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored review post.  I purchased all products with my own money and opinions are my own.  There are, however, referral links included in this post.  If you choose to click them, I may get referral credit.}


  1. Ohhhhh now. I smell another subscription service I might need to sign up for…….

  2. hi friend!

    thanks so much for the shout out and the break down of julep. i was so confused until this post! i LOVE that super light gray polish and your december preview is so fab! if you go for it with any of the other months, i hope you’ll let me know. you may just reel me in like you all did with birchbox! i can’t be left out lol :)

    thanks again!

    • I don’t want you to be left out either! LOL In fact, I think you should go ahead and sign up so we can gush about our new Julep boxes on Twitter and make everyone jealous. :D