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Snakeskin Mani

October 20, 2011 by Trina 10 Comments

Do you ever find yourself staring at a pattern on a shirt or bag and think to yourself, “I could totally re-create that look on my nails!”

No?  Just me?

OK then, well I’m no stranger to being the weirdo in the crowd so I’m cool with that.

Anyway, that’s exactly how this mani came into existence.


Became this…

taken at night with flash


How To:

  • Apply clear base coat, allow to dry.  I used Seche Clear.
  • Apply white polish, allow to dry. I used China Glaze White on White.
  • Apply a light brown/tan polish with a kitchen sponge.  {If you need help on this step check this link. I do it a bit differently, leaving enough of the base color showing.}  Allow to dry.  I used China Glaze Ingrid, but this would work too.
  • Stamp on a black polish {doesn’t have to be Konad special polish} with the Konad stamp kit.  I used Bundle Monster plate #215.
  • Top with a clear coat, being careful to not smudge the design.  The less strokes you do, the better.  I used Nail Life Speed Demon.

taken in natural daylight, no flash

I like how organic this mani looks.  No two prints are the same and there is even some uneven scale patterns on my middle finger.

Would you wear this wild nail look?



  1. i LOVE it! thanks for the tutorial…your looks so much more real than mine did!!! and now i want one of those snakeskin clutches too! =) xoxo

  2. You are SO creative! That’s an awesome look!

  3. SO FABULOUS!!!!!! I had no idea about stamp kits!

  4. Love this! Not sure I could ever get my nails to look like that…but I did buy a snakeskin (faux) bag the other day! I’m excited to use it for fall.

  5. And tell me again why you don’t do nails for a living???? Sooooo pretty!!!! :)

  6. no way!!! we think alike all the time. i just saw this BM plate the other day (pinterest maybe?), realized i had it, and couldn’t wait to recreate my real snakeskin mani with polish only (for my readers that were totally grossed out lol). yours turned out amazing! this is exactly the color scheme i wanted to try too, which sponging. im thinkin of doing a video when im back in action ;) love love love this mani! thanks for sharing!

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