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Shop Suey Boutique: A Video Review

October 5, 2011 by Trina 35 Comments

Hey friends.  I recorded this video review for Shop Suey Boutique before my dad passed away and I hate I’m just now getting around to posting it.  So I wanna send a huge THANK YOU to Shop Suey for being patient with me and allowing me to post this in my own time.

Here is a photo of the bag I’m reviewing.  It’s from their Exotic Skins collection and it’s gorgeous!

Now check out the video!  {I felt a bit out of sorts in this video and filmed several different takes.  I just had a lot going on I guess.  So try to ignore that I’m not totally myself here.}

Be sure to check out Shop Suey Boutique.  They get new bags all the time and the one I’m currently in love with is the Bren tote.  So so cute.

Now, if you’re still here, you’re in for a treat.  I’m not advertising this because I want my loyal everyday readers to benefit.  But I’m actually going to give this handbag away to one lucky commenter.  All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post telling me the thing you liked about/hated about/learned from or etc from the video.  And I’ll pick a winner sometime this weekend and email them.

The winner was Deana Kneen!  Her comment was :
My favorite thing and advice that you gave from the video is wearing the shoulder strap as a belt!! Never thought of that (duh!!).

I’ll give Deana 3 days to respond with her mailing address and if she doesn’t respond, I’ll choose another winner.  Thanks for entering!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. OMG.. Loved the idea of using the purse strap as a belt!!

  2. my favorite thing about the video was your voice. ;) kidding! but it is super cute!
    i love your tips about the belt and how to change your purses midweek.. I will definitely be doing both of those things now!

    you’re awesome, trina!
    i’ve been a follower for like 4 years now, & it’s so nice to put a face/voice to your blog!

  3. I loved the belt idea! Skinny belts are totally in right now, and what a great way to repurpose the purse strap! Thanks for the idea. I love it!!

  4. I love so many things about this video! Purse straps a belt is genius, your hair looks perfect & I just lobe your sweet, Southern accent. :)

  5. If there is one thing this single mom loves to see it is a creative way to make a staple item multi-task! I’m relatively new to your blog but it is uplifting and a getaway from the daily grind.

    Thanks for the great idea and recommendation on another little place to satisfy my purse obsession.


  6. I am a purse FREAK so this giveaway has me all giddy! :)

    I LOVE your ideas on the video… I never thought about doing little bags to make transferring easy! Girl – you need lip gloss intervention :)

    How smart are you using that as a belt!!! It would probably fit around my thigh though – not my waist :) Everyone needs a thigh belt!

  7. Trina, you are just so clever on making things work for you. I love that you gave the tip about the strap/belt. So smart!

  8. I love the little bags concept. I have that to a degree, but need to implement it better. What do you do for pens, tissues, cough drops, etc? Those are the things that make my purse a mess. Maybe just another bag for the miscellaneous items… Thanks for making me think. :-)

  9. besides the fab review of the bag, i LOVE your tips for changing out your handbags by keeping the products in your bag in separate smaller bags. i also LOVE the tip for using the shoulder strap as a coordinating belt! SO CREATIVE! thanks for the review. love the bag you chose!

  10. I loved your review! I love an outside pocket too — so I’m not constantly digging for my phone and keys. But I really love both the mini bag and belt/purse strap idea. I’ve often not changed a bag out because I didn’t have time to sit down and go through my purse. The belt idea is genius too! I usually just remove the shoulder strap if its not long enough to wear cross my body (and I’m so tall they usually aren’t). I’ll try this tip next time!

  11. My favorite thing and advice that you gave from the video is wearing the shoulder strap as a belt!! Never thought of that (duh!!).

  12. I absolutely LOVE your idea to wear the shoulder strap as a belt! I had never thought of that & will definitely be putting this great idea to use!

  13. I would have never thought about wearing a handle as a belt…genius!! They work great!
    I also put several small bags in my purses. A very quick and easy way to change out purses.
    Love the reviews…I’m so glad I found your site!

  14. Great video! I thought it was funny that you have so many lip sticks/glosses. I do too! I could use a purse just to hold them all! What can I say, I like my options :)

  15. I like how sturdy the bag is. Nobody wants a whimpy, flimsy bad. Right ladies? :-)

  16. “bag” is of course what I meant to type. LOL.

  17. first off! I love love loved all your new jewelry.I recognized it from your last post and I didn’t realize how big that safety pin was…super cute! second of all I am sorry you are going through such a hard time, It would be hard to be “on” with so much on your plate. My regards to you and your family.

    I will say that you are very creative. Loved the belt idea with the shoulder strap. I wonder if you can still use it on your purse but just use it across the body like a saddle bag type or maybe it’s too short for that use.

    you are a doll Trina…loved the video and that pink bag is just GORGEOUS! And it looks super soft.

  18. I really loved your idea of your little bags inside the purse – I need to start doing that so I can switch my purses more easily!

  19. What a stunning bag!! Loved your idea to wear the strap as a belt…………..


  20. First, my sympathy to you and your family as you work to move past the intense sadness and get to the many happy memories stage of remembering your dad.

    I love the bag…and about the video-I know how hard it is to write a script that tells a story and that doesn’t sound like it’s you just reading from it. You looked and sounded very professional, yet real. I like your quick change ideas for the bag. I used to do this but over time have stopped. This video has made me promise myself that I will reorganize my purse and contents.

    Would love to win!!

  21. Well…..like everyone else, I loved the idea of using the strap as a belt. I also loved the 4 mini bags that you switch from bag to bag. In every one of my bags I keep “staples” in each of them that I never take out ( pens, brush, small scissors, lip gloss etc).

  22. Great review of the handbag! My favorite part of the video was how you turned the shoulder strap into a belt! What a fun idea!

  23. I love all your cute idea’s! I am not a big purse person but I am in love with this one. Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!

  24. Hey Trina you did great on the video so no worries :) I also keep certain things in small bags just not as much as I should like you- you’re more organized than I am, lol! I really like their purses over there and so many pretty styles to choose from. I really like the idea about using your purse strap as a belt when not using it with the purse- such a great idea, thank you so much for sharing the way that you always do. I love purses just never have enough of them to change up as often as I would like depending on my outfit or mood. I will keep an eye on this fab new site great for purse shopping. Have a wonderful evening!

  25. Great video! And girlie you are just a pretty as ever! The red handbag is great! I love it! I also love that you keep everything in 4 containers. What a great idea. I need to do that, my handbag is a nightmare right now. I love the giveaway bag too! I would love to have it, what a great pick! :)

    Great idea with the belt too!

  26. You are so crafty with changing your bags! I’ve gotten a few bags from ShopSuey over the years and absolutely love their bags! I haven’t had one with an outside zip before though, that was something new for me that I am really interested in. The pink Bren is actually the one I’ve been looking at for months! It’s the similar back that Emma Watson has.
    Unfortunately the straps, that I got from my bags as well, do not fit around my size 14 hips :( Purses are the one thing that make me feel amazing.
    I have never shopped the Exotic Skins collection, so thank you for introducing me.
    And don’t worry, you looked fine, beautiful, and I am surprised how strong you are to be able to do such a video at this time. Thank You for taking the time to do that!

    Tamara Johnston
    airgirly7@juno.com – facebook.com

  27. Omg thank you for giving me the opportunity to win this great bag… I love shops suey!

  28. Love the bag!! Okay, so I seriously love the way you organize your purse! Thanks for the chance to win such a great bag!!

  29. Never thought to use a purse handle as a belt. =)) And the add a hairtie tip is FABULOUS!

    And that’s why I love you Trina! =)))

  30. Hey Trina –

    1. LOVE your lip color
    2. LOVE your nail polish
    3. LOVE your necklace with the big safety pin
    4. LOVE your accent
    5. LOVE that you used the shoulder strap as a belt – genius!

    Have a blessed day, Melinda

  31. Trina!!
    First off your adorable!! I just LOVE reading your blog you always have such genius ideas!! The shoulder strap as a belt is a brillant idea! Your just always thinking!! Keep it up!!

  32. Trina,
    I love bags with outside pockets too!! I also love your 4 small bag concept!!!

  33. Trina,

    I am very sorry your loss. Your haircut is darling and you were very composed. The 4 bags would drive me nuts, I sewed a transferable organizer inside-purse that I can move from bag to bag. My son likes the purse straps to use as superhero equipment!

    Great review – very personal and unique. Different than the other Shop Suey videos. Thanks!


    P.S. I too love that pink studded bag. Not in the budget right now but perhaps in my future :)

  34. I always love your videos! That’s such a cute bag!

  35. Awesome- I can’t find it on the site…However check out the great peacock scarf they have – you will LOVE it!!