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NanoStyle – Not Just Another Piece of Jewelry

October 26, 2011 by Trina 3 Comments

Several months ago I was contacted by NanoStyle to review a piece of their jewelry.  After checking out their site and seeing how unique their cubic zirconia and onyx jewelry was, I had to take them up on the offer.

Between the time I said yes to the review and the time I got the pendant, a lot happened in my personal life.  Thankfully the people at NanoStyle understood that and were patient with me when it came to posting the review.  Now that things are slowly settling down, I’m excited to share this review with you.

The selections at NanoStyle are not “just another piece of jewelry”.  These pieces are conversation starters.

NanoStyle gemstone pendants are available in a dazzling range of clear crystal, black crystal, blue topaz, opalite, light amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, light garnet, pink, smokey topaz, peridot and champagne.  I chose the best selling I Love You 120 Languages pendant which comes with an onyx stone engraved with 24K gold.

From a distance, what looks like a thumbprint on the heart is actually a swirl of “I love yous” in 120 different languages.  Very cool.  The lettering is fused in 24K gold directly onto the gemstone by a process called ion bombarding which you can read more about here.  Basically this technique makes the imprint more durable than electroplating.

They include a complimentary magnifying glass to see the words up close and personal.

My camera did not want to focus on the reflection in the magnifying glass.  It was getting so confused haha, so this is the best I could do.

 If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for that jewelry lover in your life, this just might be it.

And if onyx isn’t your thing {or theirs}, they also offer these pendants in cubic zirconia gemstones too which your choice of metal.



  1. That’s such an awesome necklace! Definitely a great idea for a Christmas gift!

  2. Very pretty….so unique!