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Erin Condren Life Planner {Deal}

October 12, 2011 by Trina 8 Comments

UPDATED: One Kings Lane changed their referral bonus sometime today and now when you sign up YOU get a $15 credit!  That means you can get one of these planners for $10! :0

Another UPDATE:  The $50 gift certificate for $25 is now sold out.  I’m so bummed because I waited too late to buy the two I wanted to give as teacher gifts.  Learned my lesson :(  But you can still order the gift labels, address labels, holiday cards or lucite trays.  Or you can sign up now to get the $15 credit and wait for another sale.

You know I love a good deal when I happen across one and of course I have to share it with you all when I do.  Hope you don’t mind!

Last month I finally drank the ECLP koolaid.  {ECLP=Erin Condren Life Planner}

After much talk about it from my Twitter friends I finally broke down and got a life planner from ErinCondren.com.  Me, the girl who HATES paper planners.  But y’all, it has seriously been really great to have.  I knew once the kids started playing soccer and with Jonathan’s school starting back up, I would need something to keep my week organized.

I was so torn on what planner to pick and I finally decided on the Kaleidoscope planner in teal.  I almost went for the Peacock, but I decided it was too white and abstract for me.  My other favorite was the Wild! planner.  SO so cute!

Month at a Glance

Weekly Details

I love the clear pocket!

And the folder pocket

And the 2013-2014 calendars in the back

It is a thick planner {mine is 18months} so be prepared for that.  But I love it!

The height is 9 inches, by 8.5 inches wide, including the spine.

The planners retail for $50, which to me is a bit pricey but today through Friday, you can get one for $25 – half off – through One Kings LaneOKL is yet another private sale site, but their referral program is much better than most.

OKL is offering discounts for the Erin Condren gift labels, address labels, holiday cards, lucite trays and {I saved the best for last} a $50 gift certificate for $25.  This is how you get the planner.  Buy the certificate through OKL and then use the certificate code for your order at ErinCondren.com.

Whether you choose a planner or holiday cards, the products are totally customizable, which is what I love.  And so many fun colors, patterns and designs to choose from.

I promise, the koolaid is really tasty :)  If you get one, I’d love to know what pattern you pick!



  1. oooh that’s nice :) It’s almost time for me to get a new planner and I’ve been stressing over it because for the first time in my life.. I’ve actually used the same planner all year… it’s a miracle.. I usually always find something wrong with it.. where I need a new one :) I’m afraid I’ll never find one as perfect..

    • What planner do you use? Did you see the update? Now you can get a $15 credit as a new member of OKL! You could get that planner for $10. Sweet!

  2. These planners are amazing and I really want one! I will be waiting for another sale to use my $15 store credit! Do you love yours?

  3. i could not live without this planner. no way, no how.

    worth every single penny. =)

  4. So bummed went to buy and all gone:( looks awesome!!