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DIY Designer Inspired Bracelet Party – Woven Chain

August 11, 2011 by Trina 19 Comments

Welcome to the PAR-TAY!

What party? The DIY Designer Inspired Bracelet Party!

Several weeks ago some of my Twitter buds and I all started talking about some of the designer bracelets we’d seen and that it would be fun to DIY them.  One thing led to another and we all decided, HEY – we should all DIY our own and then all blog about it on the same day.  Genius!

I’ve been so excited to share this with you since we began talking about it, now the day is finally here!

My designer bracelet inspiration was found through Aurelie Bidermann’s “Do Brazil” bracelet:

After searching for days on eBay, I finally found what I liked.  In the mean time, I did a trial run on a Premier bracelet I’ve had for years and never wear anymore.


It turned out great so I was excited to get busy on the one I ordered from eBay.

A week later my bracelet finally arrived in the mail and I got to work using the instructions I found here.

Here is my finished piece:

I think that’s pretty close to the original, don’t you?  And since this was a DIY, I was able to pick a bracelet I liked, and what colors I wanted to use, not to mention save a ton of cash.   The Aurelie Bidermann bracelet retails for 238 €.  I did mine for only $10.00.

Frugal? Check.  Fabulous? CHECK!

Here are my beautiful partners in crime.  Jennifer from The Looks for Less, Jennifer from The Stylish Housewife, Kimberly from Penny Pincher Fashion, Ying from My Dressy Ways and Alysson from Simplicity is Ultimate Sophistication.

Be sure to click on each bracelet thumbnail to see these amazing DIYs up close and personal.  And who knows, you just might find another blog to follow :)


  1. I love all of them!
    I really like both of the ones you did but even the first one with the Premier bracelet is beautiful. Rayna is going to grow up so creative with you as her mom!

  2. You are my fashion icon! That is SOOOOO FABULOUS!!!!

  3. omg! I love the one you made on an old bracelet…so pretty with the gems hanging off! Also love your silver chunky chain. Beautiful!

  4. I love yours Trina, and the pictures you took of it are AWESOME.

  5. I love how yours turned out! The red is perfect for fall, too!! :)

  6. i love both of yours! you inspired me to use my rhinestone bracelet instead of the link bracelet with your trial bracelet! i can’t wait until our next one!

  7. Oh wow what a great idea! I love how they all turned out. Would love to be a part of the next one; I’ve posted quite a few DIY arm party tutorials lately. Here’s the latest one I did: http://fourflightsoffancy.blogspot.com/2011/08/make-your-own-arm-party-diy-time.html

    Check if out of you have a chance!

  8. triiinnnnaaaa, it turned out amazing. im so happy we partied together :) it was too fun and im ready to do it again :) love that you went for bright bold colors. you’re always so brave and inspire me to branch out a little :) how did you get that mirrored effect for your main pic. a shiny black table? looks so pro ;)

  9. Love these! I have seen these around in magazines and on blogs and have been drooling over them! I love bracelets! I will have to check out the instructions and see if I can make one for myself.

  10. they both look awesome!! i am a total bracelet-making addict….my husband thinks i’m NUTS every time i come home from the craft store with a load of beads and ribbon and floss…but he always likes the end results!

  11. Hey Trina love the bracelets! You are so creative and can probably make anything out of nothing, lol! Seriously you inspire me to want to try new things- I would love to try making one of these bracelets- the only problem I have is finding something small enough for my tiny wrists. I love the one you made from your Premier bracelet with the gems dangling from it- just LOVE those colors! I also really like the silver bracelet you made with the bright colors, it turned out amazing, also. Your outfit looked really good with the bracelet and you also did an amazing job with your pics of the bracelet on the glass table. I really love the bracelets and you ladies did an amazing job with this DIY project, and thanks for sharing it with all of us :)

  12. WHAT AN AWESOME IDEA! I love all the bracelets! Yours turned out really well! I love the one you said you got on ebay. It’s lovely. I’m a peacock fanatic too so I love those colours! I have to try making one of these soon!

  13. Oh hang on a minute, I love the first one more than the second one. That’s what I meant. Hahah Love your blog!

  14. These are great!
    You could sell these easily. Good job on a DIY project.
    If you were on Pinterest, I would pin you to my stylish board :)