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T-Shirt to Pullover Hoodie

March 16, 2011 by Trina 10 Comments

I’ve mentioned my adoration for Cheri at I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar a few times or more.  Hopefully you’ve checked her out, she’s pretty amazing and creative.  She’s constantly wowing me and when I saw this idea, I knew I had to try it.

{As a side note, she’s also spurring people to donate to help Japan by offering her Tohoku Tote pattern as incentive.  Pretty awesome, huh?  I’m in, are you?}

Ok, so back to the pullover.  I followed her example, but used things I had in my stash like an old zipper from my mom’s last few notions she handed down to me instead of an exposed zipper and instead of ribbing, I used one of my tanks {worn here}.  Also, instead of the mock turtleneck, I attached a hood per Rayna’s request. 

IMG_5083 {My supplies:  my old red tank, long sleeved grey tee, old zipper, striped jersey knit from a turtleneck I got on clearance and cut up to make myself a cardigan, a romper of Rayna’s that was too small/short in the torso.}

I started by cutting the romper up.  I trimmed off the elastic smocked band at the top and again just above the elastic smocked waist band.  From that, I cut out a rectangle and rounded the pockets out with a CD as Cheri suggested.

Next, I cut the striped material from the turtleneck in half for the cuffs.  They just happened to be the perfect size for this part.

Then I cut the hood from the tank using Cheri’s instructions here and cut the torso of the tank to use for the bottom.

I got to use my new serger for this project but it required me to rethread the whole thing so the threads would coordinate with my project.  I’ve not tried that before, but after reading the manual, had it threaded in about 15 mins and I was on my way.  I started with the kangaroo pocket cut from the romper, serging around the the entire piece.  I wanted the threads to be decorative here.  After serging though, we found that the hand “holes” were a little too small, so I re-serged to make them a little bit wider.  I double checked the fit again before sewing the pocket onto the shirt.

I serged the hood pieces together and also the ends where it would attach to the neckline.  Then attached the hood on right side to wrong side of shirt using my regular sewing machine.  Next, I serged on the cuffs, first cutting away some of the sleeve since the cuffs were longer than normal.  Finally I added the zipper.  I used a funky zig zag satin stitch with my regular sewing machine down the length of the zipper to add some interest.  It’s not perfect, but I think it adds to the funky style of this pullover.

image {This photo was way overexposed, I was in a hurry to take a picture before leaving for work and clearly my manual settings were a little bit off.  It isn’t the best I could do.  I had to tweak it some in Picnik to make it usable. Oh well!}

Rayna loves it and has requested I add thumbholes to the extra long sleeves, so that is to come.  She wanted to wear it for a second day in a row and I normally say NO to that, but it’s Spring Break and she wasn’t going anywhere special.  Plus I was just happy she was excited to wear something I made her.

Oh and a bonus to this…she can wear the shorts I cut from the romper now.  She must be long waisted because the romper was way too short on her booty.  Now that the shorts are free from the romper, they fit great because she’s able to wear them lower on her hips.  So she actually got two things from this project :)


  1. LOVE it! So cute and creative!!

  2. I LOVE it!!!! Love she wants a thumb hole too… I end up doing that to my long sleeves shirts/sweat shirts because I like to keep my hands covered with them, but the thumbs hold them down too…

  3. It’s so cute! So when are you opening an etsy store??

    • If only I didn’t have to work full time! LOL I definitely would have more time then to make enough things to sell. Right now I have just enough time to make stuff for myself and the kids.

  4. Trina – It’s SO cute. I love seeing girl versions. Adding the thumb holes is a great idea, too. I love those. She’s adorable. Thanks for sharing this with me!


  5. love it! you’re so creative! wish i knew how to sew :) love the materials (colors, patterns) you used!

  6. This is great! Wow! She looks adorable in it!

  7. Really cute!!! I love all your sewing projects you post! :)