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Peacock Twister

March 28, 2011 by Trina 23 Comments

A few weeks ago I showed y’all the Twister Top I made for Rayna out of a shirt of mine I didn’t wear anymore.  And I mentioned Friday that I was planning my next sewing project.  I was actually planning to make this first, but decided to try the Twister top since I knew it would be a quick project.

What do you think?





Pardon the indoor photo shoot.  I always hope to get better pics of things in natural light, preferably outside with a nice background instead of say…a messy closet. However, such is my life.  LOL  I took these after Jonathan put the kids to bed so it was a one woman show and I had to use my tripod/remote to take them.  Also, I’m a dork and have zero modeling skillz. But who cares, right?  I was trying my best to show y’all the cool sleeves so that’s what’s up with all the weird arm positions {especially photo #2, totally dorkalicious}.

This is the easiest garment I’ve ever made for myself.  It’s one piece and only requires stitching up the side seam and shoulders and hemming the sleeves, neck and bottom.  On jersey fabric it’s pretty painless if you’re sewing with the right needle.  Because I’d never tried a blind hem on my new serger, this took longer than expected, but everything turned out great and it’s something I can actually wear.   Next time I should be able to crank one of these out in about an hour. 

I’m planning to wear this tomorrow night to The Basement with my skinny black pants and boots.

{I’ve got a few more projects to show you soon, I just have to take photos first!  I made another game for the kids out of felt, two tops for Rayna from some of my unworn items and some more Pom Pom clips!  Stay tuned :)}


  1. So cute! I like yours better than the one you linked to!

  2. Oh my word, be quiet sista…. You are America’s Next Top Model, no doubt!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!! :) Seriously, I’m going to send you some fabric or whatever suits my fancy and have you whip me up something, haha!!!! :)

  3. First – the shirt is AWESOME!!!! SO you with the peacock feathers!!!

    Second – You are AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL!!! Work it girl! you look fantastic!!!!

  4. Sooooo cute! You did an amazing job! I may need to place an order! LOL!

  5. It’s adorable!! Good work!!

  6. So cute! It makes me want to sew something. I just love the fabric that you used. :)

  7. pretty! :) great job mama! you are so cute!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! This is So cute!!

  9. WOW!!! SUPERRRR!!!
    Hands down… the best i have seen so far. Love it!!
    Great job! You are super talented.

  10. It looks so AWESOME! You look like one hot momma!

  11. Umm, I thought you had the sassy model look down pretty good! Especially in that first pic! Love the fabric!!

  12. It is beautiful! I love it!

  13. Girl, you are so talented and beautiful!! I love that top and the print is so fun! I also love your amazing hair do!! Hot mama. haha

  14. Really cute! I found you from reading your “Fashion Ambush” in The Birmingham News. Nice to find other “fashionable” sewers in the Birmingham Metro Area!

    • Hi Erica! So nice to here from a fellow Birminghamian! :) I checked out your blog, you are much better at making clothes than I am! LOL I’m just now dipping my toe into it :) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  15. So talented, girl. Haven’t been around in ages, I know. I’m cleaning up my reader :p