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Fifty-Two New, Week 39: Crockpot

September 30, 2010 by Trina 11 Comments

I may be the only chick around in my age bracket who doesn’t use their Crockpot.  I know how great they are and I’ve always heard how easy they are to use, blah blah. 

But for some reason, and I know this makes me sound insane, I was scared of my Crockpot.  Saying it now {or typing it rather} even makes me giggle a little because now that I’m on the other side, I see what all the fuss was about.

Let me redeem myself a little bit here.  And not that I’m trying to pass the blame to my husband and children, but they directly impact the meal choices I make.  Obviously.  But a few weeks ago, I just said enough with that.  I’m {loosely} going to plan some meals and I’m making them in the Crockpot.  If the kids {or hubs} turn their nose up, then they don’t eat.  My kids are NOTORIOUS for saying ,”EWWW!” to something they’ve never even tried.  While I can’t make them not do that, I can at least make them try stuff.  And I typically do when new “safe” foods {i.e. something I would eat myself} are around that they haven’t had before.

So Sunday afternoon I surfed around for some recipes.  I found one on Crockpot365 {a blog I regularly stalked in 2008, but never made any of the recipes} called Brown Sugar Chicken.  The dish was a hit with her family and in fact her children even dubbed it Candy Chicken.  I was fired up.  My kids will HAVE to like this.  Right?

Monday morning before I left for work I turned on the Crockpot and proceeded to think about it the rest of the day.  How would it turn out, would the chicken get done, would it get TOO done, would it taste good, would the vinegar the recipe called for prove to be overpowering, WOULD MY HOUSE CATCH ON FIRE?  You know, the usual worries.

When I got home, I made some white rice and green beans and we all sat down to try it. 

VERDICT:  Easy easy meal.  Hubs and I liked the taste and it was very moist.  However, I might decrease the vinegar and increase the lemon-lime soda next time.  The kids on the other hand HATED it.  Ugh, FAIL.  Of course these are kids that think McDonald’s food is the best thing in the world and they turn a nose up to homemade hamburgers.  Sheesh.  I can’t win.

BUT….I now LOVE my Crockpot and as a matter of fact have some 16 Bean Soup in there as I type, waiting for me to get home and gobble it up with some corn muffins…. hmm, anyone else getting hungry?

So do you regularly use your Crockpot?  Besides roast {because that is everyone’s fav, it seems} what is your favorite Crockpot meal?


  1. Salsa chicken. Just put some boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders in there with a jar of salsa. On high, it’s usually done in 4 hours and will just fall apart the more you cook it. It’s great with rice, beans and sour cream or on tacos.

  2. i rarely ever use my crockpot!! i always want to find simple recipes for it but never try them! the only meal i have ever cooked and love is beef tips! Def want to try some of these recipes!

  3. I’ve actually cooked in the Crock Pot twice this week, because it’s been way too hot to use the oven or stove. I’m definitely going to try that recipe once we get more chicken in the house.

    My favorite recipes for the crock are typically soups… French Onion, Broccoli Cheese, or the new Cheesy Baked Potato Soup I made last night.

  4. i use my crockpot like once a year. i should use it more often…

  5. one thing that my kids love in the crockpot that is not your typical roast or stew variety is overnight oatmeal. I prepare it with regular oatmeal, not the quick oats, and add apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar to it. I set it on low and when we wake up the next morning it is ready to eat. They LOVE it! you can add other things, such as raisins or peaches, but our favorite is definitely the apples.

  6. Poor Girl’s BBQ
    Cook a chuck roast on low for 5 hours. Shred. Mix in equal parts Coca Cola and ketchup. Sounds weird, but it is delicious!

  7. Crockpots are awesome! I actually make BBQ in mine and it’s such a hit!

  8. I have put chicken breast and a couple bottles of bbq in there before. I think we left in there a wee bit too long but it was still delish! Easy too!

  9. Hey friend!! I wish I used my crockpot more!! It’s so versatile, I need more recipes for it! My favorite is roast, but I’ve heard and seen that you can make just about anything in it!!

  10. I use mine at least once or twice a week. Salsa chicken is great, as mentioned above. I like to add some black beans in there as well. Also I like to throw in some meatballs, Italian sausage and a jar of spaghetti sauce. Perfect for grinders or if you just want to boil some pasta. I have lots of recipes!

  11. I really only like my crockpot for meat. Throw a whole chicken in there with plenty of salt and pepper, and you’ll have roast chicken you can use for lots of other meals. I do the same with pork butt, chuck roast, etc. You can vary the seasonings for a certain style – like mexican, italian, etc.