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Weekend Wrap Up

April 19, 2010 by Trina 9 Comments

Why are weekends so short?  I’m just wondering….

Friday night my mom and I took the kids to Kohl’s for new bathing suits and flip flops.  I ended up not looking for a suit for myself, but I did try on a dress right before we left. 

Look how precious!  And it has pockets and an elastic waistband and exposed zipper in the back.


It was super cute but the fact that the small didn’t fit irritated me.  I know, stupid, but smalls used to fit.  So its irritating.  {And I am in no way fishing for encouragement or compliments here, that’s just how I felt so don’t feel the need to tell me I look fine.  Although I appreciate it :)}

Hubby went hunting with some friends while we were out shopping.  Apparently evening is a prime time to hunt wild hogs.  I got a text about 10:30pm saying he had shot his 2nd hog.  I knew one thing for sure, he’d be awhile.  So I went on to bed since Rayna’s big day was the next day.

Saturday morning I didn’t have much party prep to do, thankfully, so I took my time getting ready and getting my sunless tanning on :)

After Rayna’s party {of which I’ll share pics on Wednesday, her actual birthday} we headed back to the house to hang out with my friend Charity and let her little girl play with the kids.  We had pizza and sat on the patio for the first time this Spring.  I love hanging out on my patio when the weather is nice.

My brother had his body building competition Saturday as well.  We didn’t get to go watch him compete but he did well for his first show.  He placed 2nd in one division and 5th in the other.  I took a few pics of him posing and I wish I could share them with you, but I don’t have permission.  HA!  I’ve never seen him so lean and he had even changed alot since Easter when I saw him last.  I’m really proud of him and he’s gotten me pumped up to get back in shape.  There was a time when I actually had muscles believe it or not! lol

image Sunday we went to church {which was great! I’m loving this new series on the Holy Spirit} and afterwards went to a party at my friend Amber’s house.  I can’t reveal the details yet because it involves a present for my mom {HI MOM!} :)  So more on that later.

After I got home and fed the kids dinner I had laundry to do, and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know why I was up til 1am doing laundry.  UGH!

All I gotta say is I’m tempted to question my sanity at times.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!



  1. I bought that dress for a shower but the bottom has a different print. It is so stinking cute!!

  2. that dress is soooo cute! i love you tRINA bINA!!


  3. I love all your blog posts :) I just have to tell you that my sister and I (She's 15, I'm 20) were talking about you the other day and we agree we just love you! We love watching your videos on you tube and I like to read your blog post as well. We find you very inspiring and we look up to you in many ways. We both agree as well that you are such an awesome mom! And we love your style :)

    -Jessica! (& sister Julia)

  4. I love that dress! I may have to head to Khols this week! Cute blog ( : I am a new follower

  5. Super cute dress!!

    My weekend consisted of going to my SIL's funeral so it wasn't great at all, but I'm hoping this week is better.

  6. The weekend flew by for me too! I told my husband that I blinked and it was over! I want some new dresses this year. I have several dressy/formal type ones and I would like some casual ones for the beach. Can't wait to see the birthday girls pics!

  7. I agree, weekends are just way too short! Small??? Really, Oh Trina… I dream of even being a medium! :)

  8. That dress is so cute!!! Love it, I am needing a new outfit for cough, cough, my 30th coming up and I don't know what I want to do. So glad you guys had a great weekend!! I can't wait to see pictures of Rayna' party!

  9. you are so cute! and so is that dress! and i LOVE dresses with pockets, so cute! can't wait to see pics from the partay!