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My bathroom makeover featuring Refresh paint by DutchBoy

June 2, 2009 by Trina Comments Off

About two months ago I was contacted by someone from DutchBoy to let me know about a contest they were having featuring their new paint, Refresh. I posted it on my blog and then professed my disappointment that I didn’t have a stinky room to enter in the My House Stinks contest. She wrote me back saying I could receive 4 gallons of paint in the color of my choice if I would do a product review on their new Refresh paint.

According to the website, Refresh paint “Adds Beauty. Eliminates Household Odors. The first and only paint with Arm & Hammer® odor-eliminating technology that beautifies your home and freshens the air.”

Also, the key features include:

  • Exceptional hide and durability (per my review: check!)
  • Gives mildew-resistant coating (per my review: to be determined)
  • ZeroVOC / Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality Certified (per my review: check!)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Also available in Ceiling Paint to maximize odor-eliminating performance when used with Refresh™ Wall Paint.

Needless to say, I hesitated not. Free paint to cover up kid hand print smears, toothpaste and scuff marks on my bathroom walls AND absorb yucky bathroom smells?! Um, yeah, sign me up!

I looked over their paint color selection and chose Tantalizing Teal. Doesn’t that just sounds like me? :)

My paint finally arrived about 2 weeks ago and I picked a weekend to get started. The plan was to makeover our master suite and bath. However, we have vaulted ceilings in the bedroom and no ladder tall enough (yet) to do the trim. So we started with the bathroom.

Here are a few shots from before, after I cleared it out. Light sage walls.

Note the dark spot above the toilet. That is smoke marks from burning a candle too close to the wall :(
If you click this pic to enlarge, you will see oil spots on the wall.

Because hubby knows how I am (OCD- I would take two days to do the trim because it would have to be just so) he took the job of cutting in and locked me and our friend and helper, Brittaney, out.

He finally let me have a peek!

But was not amused that I wanted to take his picture.

Once he had done enough of the cutting in, Brittaney and I started on the rolling.

Despite the fact that we were in a tiny space with hardly any ventilation, there were no overpowering paint fumes. That to me was a very good thing. You know how when you paint a room it will smell like paint for days? Not so with this paint. Honestly, there was no paint smell to speak of after the paint dried, and very little as we painted.

As I prepped the walls for painting I noticed several spots behind the bathroom door that had been splattered with body oil. I tried to clean it off, but it was there to stay. I was not prepared to prime so I just decided to paint over it and see what happened. To my delight, after painting over it with the Refresh paint you can no longer see the oil spots! I was highly impressed.

Ok, so are you ready for the after?!

Drumroll please……

Click to see enlarge version, no more grease spots!

Honestly, the bottom line on the Refresh paint, I loved it. I was sold on it’s exceptional ability to cover up the oil spots, various marks/handprints/smudges and smoke marks above the toilet. Plus the fact that there was no paint smell that lingered after the job was done.

I highly recommend!

Check the Retailer Locator for availability in your area.

Thank you Dutchboy for allowing me to try this product! I can’t wait to paint our Master suite now and I’ve been contemplating repainting our entire house….but *shhhh* don’t tell hubby, he might run for the hills ;)

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